Agent Testimonials

Al Misale

I chose RE/MAX Metro because I believe we have a unique opportunity to provide a broad range of services to our business clients. We can assist them in developing an exit strategy, maximize stock holder equity and when ready find them qualifies buyers to transfer the business to new ownership. RE/MAX Metro brings both local market and national credibility to this market place.

Carla Marrow

RE/MAX Metro combines cutting edge industry technology with best-in-class experience and expertise. Bringing these aspects together with a team who was welcoming made my decision an easy one. I'm excited for the opportunity to utilize these new resources to take the next step in my career.

Tracey Johnson

I am thrilled to be a part of the RE/MAX Metro team. RE/MAX is a name I have known most of my life. In fact, RE/MAX
is the company my parents chose to help them purchase our first home. I specifically chose the Metro family because it truly represents MY neighborhood. When I walk down the street, or play with my dogs in the park, I think WOW I live in a world class destination. No matter where in the world you may live, downtown St. Pete is a place that you want to be.

Gina Timmins

As a Realtor, I've been looking for a company with support, technology and leadership with proven systems to help me build my business.
RE/MAX Metro checks all my boxes, especially as a Buyer's Agent for the Leisa Erickson & Associates team.
I'm looking forward to a fabulous first year with Leisa and Matt and even better thereafter.

Summer Baker

I started my real estate career with RE/MAX and, after briefly trying out a small "mom and pop" brokerage, decided that RE/MAX was truly home! The RE/MAX Metro name speaks volumes in this community, and I know my business will continue to flourish here. When deciding to transition back to the RE/MAX brand, I knew there was only one choice- Metro! I thrive on friendly competition and love being able to work alongside some of the best agents in the industry. Everything about the office- from the perfect location to being #1 in the county- was appealing. Looking forward to 2018, expanding my team, and growing with RE/MAX Metro!

Eileen Bedinghaus

After having spent over a year at Sotheby’s, I now believe I can more successfully represent my clients at RE/MAX Metro, not only because it’s the #1 selling real estate company in South Pinellas but because I feel at home!

Estelia Mesimer

Having been in the real estate business for over 17 years with different franchises, I am thrilled to announce my association with
RE/MAX Metro. It is a caring, well established company and joining it is a great move for me and for my clients

Ryan Batty

I joined RE/MAX Metro for three main reasons. First, a couple of agents I know at Metro spoke highly of the company. Second, I have the opportunity to surround myself with the best agents in the area. Third, Metro has the best tools for both its agents and customers.

Holland and Rightmyer

We decided to join RE/MAX Metro because they provide a mix of marketing tools and programs for our buyers and sellers that we can tailor to each individual transaction. They also provide administration support that allows us to be out of the office selling where we can make the most difference for our clients! We love being downtown and associated with a brokerage that closes nearly $50 Million every month!

Andrew Salamone (Salamone Group)

I am excited to be back with the Salamone Group in the Tierra Verde office. I worked with the group back when that office was the RE/MAX Bayway Islands Brokerage. Since I've been back, I've enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces. I've also been inspired by the outstanding team at RE/MAX Metro and the impressive resources they provide. I'm looking forward to all that we can accomplish together.

Courtney Potter

I have been in real estate for almost 3 years and primarily doing investment flips. I chose to come to RE/MAX Metro because I'm ready to take my career as a Realtor to the next level and I saw the production levels of the agents with Metro. I was also very impressed with the tools available for agents here. I've had a great experience so far! I have made great connections and contacts and love the people and the synergy. I have been very happy with the startup process, the help when I need it, appFiles, SavvyCard, and much more. I am excited to grow with and be a part of the Metro Family.

Lari Averbeck

As a professional it's very important for me to make sure I am choosing the right brokerage. I believe RE/MAX METRO is the best brokerage firm in Pinellas County. I interview all of the top brokerages every few years to make sure I am giving myself and my clients the best support possible. The brokers are extremely knowledgeable and keep up with the latest in legal, contract and industry news. They are actually former Realtors so they know what it's like in the trenches. METRO also offers any tool you can think of to address any technology or training needs. If there something missing in your arsenal it's not because METRO doesn't offer a solution for you :-)

Bekah Rush

RE/MAX Metro has been an essential part of the growth of my real estate career over the last 6 years. The staff, technology, and support they provide are unprecedented when it comes to real estate brokerages. At RE/MAX Metro I am surrounded by hard-working, professional agents which help create a successful atmosphere and one where I strive to be better every day. Hands down the best brokerage around, and we have the stats to prove it.

Spyro Lefkimiotis

REMAX Metro Tampa Bay has facilitated my success in real estate since 2011. They foster an esprit de corps attitude that makes all of us better together and as individuals. The staff is amazing, very supportive and extremely knowledgeable. We are provided with up to the minute real estate related technology that allows us to spend more time doing what we love!

Fonda Sabin

Congratulations REMAX Metro for the Brokage of the Year 2017 in Florida. From RE/MAX International.

REMAX Metro is the best agency!! I am so happy to be associated with such a professional organization. The management staff and brokers are most helpful. The staff and agents are like family. A wonderful place to be.

Dave & Maggie Smith

After selling real estate together for over 20 years, Dave and I were convinced to make the move to Metro. It's been one of the best decisions ever. Great support, resources, and people. Always working to give us the best tools of the trade. Congratulations on this well deserved recognition!