Jungle Terrace

St. Petersburg’s Jungle Terrace neighborhood has an incredibly fascinating history dating back thousands of years. Indian mounds, conquistadors, the city’s first airport, radio station, and nightclub were all in Jungle Terrace. Infamous American gangster Al Capone even has a legend in the Jungle, running bootlegging operations off the coast during the Prohibition Era.

More notably, Jungle Terrace was the landing site of the first European expedition of North America. Expedition leader Panfilo de Narvaez and his crew of sailors slaughtered and enslaved the native Tacoboga Indians as they hunted a trail of gold.

Fast forward 500 years to the early 1920s, when a wealthy developer named Walter Fuller built the Jungle Hotel and connected it to Downtown St. Petersburg with a trolly. The Jungle Hotel quickly became one of Florida’s top vacation destinations and golf courses. In more recent years, the golf course has been transformed into residential developments. To this day, the Jungle’s streets are still named after golfing terms from its previous state as a famous resort golf course.


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