Webisode 1 – Virtual Marketing Tools


With unusual and unique times ahead, it’s important to embrace change with open arms. Now, many businesses are improving their online presence to maintain success. So what does this mean for real estate agents? Two of RE/MAX Metro’s experts came together to talk about the virtual tools available for agents! 


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Staying Social in the City while Social Distancing!


As people continue moving towards a semi-normal way of living, the city has begun to open itself up again. So where can people go to enjoy the city and get a little bit of social interaction while maintaining social distancing? Keep reading to find out! 



All over the city, restaurants are starting to open back up for dine-in business. Although there are still some guidelines to follow, many restaurants have outside or limited inside seating. Tropez St. Pete, located in the downtown area, offers plates from around the world. They’re opened for limited hours with a reduced maximum inside occupancy and outdoor seating. The Avenue Eat + Drink, also located downtown, has some of the best burgers in the city and is a great place to hang out. In Pass-A-Grille, Grace Restaurant is available for reservations to ensure a safe eating experience. Even beyond these examples are countless other restaurants in the city, ready for dine-in and fun!



Feeling stuffed up? St. Petersburg has plenty of parks to visit and is a great way to get some fresh air. Vinoy Park, which is located on the water in the downtown area, is a wonderful example. With bike paths, lots of grass, cool sand, and volleyball courts, there’s something for everyone! Plus, it’s a great place to bring the pups. There are many other parks open across the city, so be sure to find one near you!  



St. Pete is known for its beautiful beaches and warm, balmy weather. With Summer right around the corner, there’s no better time to visit the beach and enjoy the sea! All up and down the West coast of the St. Petersburg area is opened for beach visits – so long as its visitors carry out the necessary precautions to stay safe. Head out to the beach for some sunshine and vitamin D!




It’s important to continue practicing health protocols and social distancing while going out and about. But, if possible, keep looking for some fun ways to enjoy the city and get a little socialization in! 


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Tips on Working at Home from RE/MAX


Unusual times call for unique measures! Because so many people are now working from home, RE/MAX has stepped up to help out. Are you looking for some tips on staying productive and increasing your success? Keep reading to find out what RE/MAX has to offer!



The business world has been functioning a little differently recently. But the RE/MAX blog post, “Selling a Home During Unusual Times,” offers some tips on how to combat the change. The post talks about productivity, perseverance, preparation, and other tools for making the final sale. Click HERE to read the article and find out more about making a sale during tricky times. 



Struggling to keep your motivation? RE/MAX has some great suggestions to help you up your productivity. From staying organized to dressing the part, “5 Ways to Stay Productive While Working from Home,” offers great tools to keep you motivated and successful. If you’d like to learn more, click HERE to read the article!



Not all agents are well versed in completely online real estate deals. If you’re looking for some fresh tips on how to improve your virtual success, read the post, “How to Navigate from Lead to Close.” The article discusses some ideas on how to get through a transaction completely without leaving the comfort of your home. Click HERE to read more about good business online!




With RE/MAX comes a vast archive of tips and tricks to navigate through the real estate world. Even though difficult times might come, RE/MAX is ready to offer help and support you in your business. If you’d like to learn more about RE/MAX or read more blogs, visit https://news.remax.com/.  


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Work out without going out!


It’s easy to feel restless when you spend most of your time at home. The solution? At-home workouts! Try using any of these three platforms to up your fitness while hanging out around the house. There are many different ways to expand your knowledge and learn new techniques – and a lot of great options are free! Keep reading to find out more about them. 



Want to work on your superhero physique? Marvel’s Thor actor Chris Hemsworth created the fitness app Centr to help people realize that goal. Although this option is not a free one, Centr has the teachings from world-renowned fitness experts, chefs, and trainers. The app provides full-length workout videos for users to follow and features visuals on how to execute the movements. Yoga teachings are also available! Plus, Centr helps you cultivate a meal plan to help you eat healthy food that you’ll actually enjoy. Centr also has a 7-day free trial before you fully commit. 


Tik Tok

A quick and free way to find some good workout routines is through the popular app Tik Tok. This platform is home to countless workout and cooking videos with step-by-step visuals. Videos are usually less than a minute long and provide guidelines for how many of each workout to do. Additionally, cooking videos normally provide similar information for you to make some delicious meals and snacks! These short videos help you get the information you need quickly and efficiently. There are plenty of other kinds of videos on Tik Tok, so search hard to find the right users for you! 



A similar concept to Tik Tok is the classic video sharing site, YouTube. Like Tik Tok, YouTube has countless videos that cover just about every topic you could think of. YouTube has many fitness channels with workout routines for everyone. Also, YouTube is a wonderful place to find great recipes and learn cooking techniques. Look for a YouTuber who best suits you and get fit! 




There are plenty of different ways to work on fitness. If you’re stuck at home and need a good way to burn off some steam, try any of these options! Find out what works for you and have fun with it. 


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How to Zoom like a Pro!


All over the world, video calls are quickly becoming a huge part of business. Technology makes it possible for people to stay connected without having to leave the comfort and safety of their own homes! Platforms like Zoom serve as a great tool to support people in their work. For real estate professionals, becoming proficient in video calls can bring your online business to a new level of efficiency. So where should you start? Keep reading to find out! 



Good audio is one of the most important components of a video call. Without being heard clearly, your message will be incredibly difficult to get across. Plus, people are more inclined to listen to something if it sounds audibly pleasing. For this reason, it might be a good idea to step up your audio game with an external microphone. There are quite a few out there for less than $20, too! If you’re not wanting to spend money, though, you can move towards better audio by eliminating background noise. Try stepping away from your A/C unit, the television, or anything else that generates distracting noise. Also, make sure to speak into your microphone and stay next to it. This will make a huge difference in your sound! 



Another important piece to a successful video call has to do with the visuals. Not everyone can afford a fancy camera for their Zoom call, and luckily, you don’t need one to get a good video! A great thing to focus on is lighting. If possible, try to position yourself so that light falls directly onto your face. When the light source comes from behind you or from the side, your face becomes dark and difficult to see. Try sitting in front of a window or lamp to illuminate your face easily. Or, if you have a little extra to spend on production quality, look into getting a nice webcam or camera. 



As real estate agents know, presentation matters. Before you jump on your Zoom call, take a look at what your camera will display. Then, if your background is looking a little disorganized or messy, just take a moment to straighten it up. You could also take it a step further and look for ways to make your background look extra nice. Throw blankets, candles, paintings – anything soft and not distracting! Then, if you’re planning on sharing your screen during a Zoom call, try the same tricks! Make sure to remove anything from your desktop that you rather someone not see. 




If you’re still unsure about the look and sound of your video, ask a friend to get on a call with you! An extra pair of eyes and ears on your video might be able to help you straighten everything out. Find out what works, what doesn’t, and have fun on your Zoom call! 


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Restaurants with Take-Out in St. Petersburg!


Are you stuck at home and tired of cooking? St. Petersburg has plenty of local restaurants available for takeout or delivery! If you’re looking to try something new or spice up your meals, we have some great suggestions for you. Keep reading to find out more! 



Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, is home to some of the best restaurants around. Gratzzi Italian Grille maintains that reputation by holding the title of the ‘Best Italian Restaurant in St. Petersburg!’ Opened Monday through Sunday from 4 P.M. to 8 P.M., Gratzzi Italian Grille is available for pick up and Bite Squad (limited menu). Take all the class from Gratzzi to the comfort and safety of your home to enjoy delicious, authentic Italian cuisine! 



Get a taste of St. Louis from your dining table when you order out the Pesky Pelican Brew Pub! Located on the West side of St. Petersburg, the Pesky Pelican has burgers, wings, pizza, smoked meats, and more. The full menu is available for take-out and UberEats. The Pesky Pelican is also looking to support the community by selling basic necessities to those who need it. Order out the Pesky Pelican for awesome, local food! 



As another one of Downtown St. Pete’s local restaurants, The Galley has worked to roll with the punches and continue serving their incredible food! Opened from 11:30 A.M. to 3 P.M., The Galley is available for take-out with 25% off everything. Their extensive menu includes brunch, apps, mains, desserts, and vegetarian options. Plus, the complete menu is available for pickup or delivery. Call to place your order! 




Of course, St. Petersburg, Florida has countless local restaurants that offer take-out. Continue supporting your local business and look for ways to enjoy your time at home! And if food is the best way for you to do it, we got you covered. Let us know what else you’d like to know about St. Petersburg and it’s wonderful businesses! 


Click below to visit their sites!

Gratzzi Italian Grille

The Pesky Pelican Brew Pub

The Galley 

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Business Tips: Signatories


Correctly executed contracts are the key to successful transactions.  Attorney Kurt S. Gleeson, outside counsel for RE/MAX Metro agents, sat with Managing Broker Tracey Strube to discuss the in’s and out’s of contract and document signatories. Click the video below to get more information on signatories in the real estate world!




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Your listing presentation should…


Marketing is a huge part of the real estate process. Although everyone does it differently, having some form of marketing for your clients is a must. Marketing a listing provides you with some statistics to show the client. Plus, it shows your knowledge in that area, as well as your desire to go above and beyond for them! Your material has the potential to secure you a deal! So how should you present your method of marketing for your client’s listing? Keep reading to find out! 



The best place to start in your listing presentation is with the actual market. If you know where you’re directing your material, you can adjust accordingly. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to send a $3,000,000 listing postcard to an area that averages $250,000 a house! Understand the location you’re marketing to and figure out how you want to proceed. Come up with several different methods and try them out! Each demographic may respond differently. After a few trials runs, you’ll (hopefully!) find the right method for the given area. After achieving this, you’ll be able to better help your clients market their homes successfully. 



After doing your research and getting to know the area, you should have a marketing plan in place. Part of your presentation to the client will cover this plan! You’ll have the opportunity to share your strategy, offer past statistics, and have an open discussion about their needs. If possible, put together something that demonstrates your past experiences when executing the marketing plan. This may help the client decide how they want to progress! Find a way to display your plan so that it’s easy to follow. Remember – even though you might be a “marketing genius,” your client might not be! 



Another great thing to have in a listing presentation is example marketing material. This would be any kind of print out, email, social media post, or ad that you made for a past listing. These pieces don’t just show past stats; they give the client tangible proof that you know what you’re doing! If you have the time and resources, you can come with both a previous listing piece AND an empty template for the client! Then, you can work together to create something that meets their needs. Not feeling creative? Reach out to someone that can help you execute the vision well!




At the end of the day, a listing presentation is for the client. Think about what you would want to see from a real estate agent and try to apply it! Be sure to listen to the client’s concerns and find a way to satisfy their marketing needs. By the end, you could have a sold house and a happy customer! 



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What does your profile picture say about you?


Your profile picture can say a lot about you. Because it’s one of the first things a person will see when they click on your profile, it’s important to choose a picture that accurately represents you! Want to know a few factors to consider before the final selection? Keep reading to find out!



As an agent, it’s important to find a good balance between professional and fun! Your profile picture should be a reflection of this principle. Think of ways to take a photo take accurately represents you and your branding without being too casual. For example, a picture you took at the beach on vacation might not be the best for your page! Utilize color and setting to add a touch of personalization to your picture. Using a photographer and a couple different outfits for lifestyle shots could be a great way to get a profile picture!  



For most people, getting the “perfect picture” is really tricky – and sometimes feels impossible! You could take 100 pictures and still not find one that you like enough to post. Some good news? You’re probably the only one that feels that way! Try not to get too hung up on the way you look in a photo. While image is important, the minuscule details are not everything. Find a picture that you mostly like and get it out in the open! More likely than not, you’ll receive great feedback from people who want to celebrate you. 



With technology today, we have many different tools available for editing and enhancing images. These resources can be extremely helpful in cleaning up and beautifying your picture to get it ready to post. But on the flip side, they can also do a good amount of harm. Using too much photoshop or getting a little too “excited” with filters can turn a great picture into a poor one. Use these assets sparingly and to your advantage to ensure a great picture! And if you think you might have gone a little too far with the editing… you probably have! 




At the end of the day, your profile picture will probably not determine whether or not you get a client. A profile picture’s job is to show people what you look like, so try not to stress about it. Just remember these two things: be you and keep it simple! 



Pictures from:

@heleneinbetween on Instagram


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Let’s Get Personal!


Platforms like Facebook and Instagram operate pretty differently. Instagram is great for posting those aesthetically pleasing pics from your weekend trip. Facebook keeps everyone involved and chatting. One thing these sites have in common, though, is their preference for user-generated content. Entertainment and connecting are the primary goals of social media. The best way to play into the meta of social media is by getting personal – even on your business page. So what are some simple ways to achieve this? Keep reading to find out more! 



The most important aspect of a social media profile is the fact that it highlights you – the user! This is why the platforms favor unique, personalized content above anything else. Even from your business page, it’s important to put out content that includes you. In your pictures, videos, and even in the captions, find ways to include yourself. After all, you’re the reason people like or follow your page! Less helpful content would include anything that seems generic or impersonal. Posts that highlight articles, include generic, stock-photo images, or simple text posts are usually less effective than personalized ones. Try to think outside of the box and find ways to post about yourself instead! 



Especially on Facebook, video is quickly becoming one of the most favored forms of content online. Using only your phone, you, the user, can easily create your own videos with limited effort required! Record a video directly from your phone to post, or utilize the features the platforms have to offer. For example, Instagram Stories are a wonderful place to put quick and to the point videos. Plus, videos are a wonderful way to personalize your page! Try making videos where you talk about or show off something that’s important to you. This could mean a short discussion on an article you read, a video of you at the beach, or a fun band you saw downtown! Regardless of what the subject matter is, give video a try and have fun with it! 



This might sound strange, but posting too much about business can actually be a bad thing. Even if you do all of the personalization in the world, too much content about real estate can turn into what we can, ‘white noise.’ People, and the AI for the social media platform, will start to ignore your posts! This might result in less engagement, the loss of followers, and fewer people seeing your content. To avoid this, we recommend following the ‘80-20 Rule.’ This means 80% of your content is about you, and 20% is about your business. Even on your business page, this is an extremely important concept to strive towards! Try posting less about business and more about you and see how the response changes! 




When it comes down to it, social media success is directly tied to what you post. Hopefully, you’re posting about yourself! That’s the number one way to increase your engagement and widen your reach on social media. Just be yourself and have fun! 



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