Best Places to Live near St. Petersburg

A lot of people are moving to the area we live in and if you’re reading this article you might just be one of them, or at least someone looking to relocate from one area within the area to another. The different neighborhoods and cities around St. Petersburg fit together like puzzle pieces, each a little bit different from the others but when you understand how it all fits together you realize just how unique this area is, especially given that is is a peninsula, but packs everything from world-class beaches to a modern downtown with historic buildings from generations ago just down the road.

The appeal to this area is more than what is here though, it’s the combination of elements that bring everyone together and create a certain vibe. Everyone from artists to business people and everyone in between has their place in St. Pete, depending on the neighborhood. This article will talk about places to live near St. Petersburg because most of these are not technically in St. Pete but closely surrounding areas and cities.

St. Pete Beach

Who doesn’t want to live closer to the beach? In 2019 St. Pete Beach was rated #4 on Trip Advisor as Best Beach in the entire US maintaining its usual spot among the top 5 as it has in past years. I would say that being in the top 5 routinely is something to be proud of. St. Pete Beach is a combination of small hotels that have been around for decades as well as huge 5-star resorts located directly on the beach.

What you notice right away is how different St. Pete Beach is from St. Petersburg. It is literally a whole different city – Both in municipality and vibe. You’ll notice many people that live here seem to be on permanent vacation with locals hanging out regularly at the local beach bars and restaurants. Things just move a bit slower here and no one seems to mind. Are you ready to move to St. Pete Beach yet? For a little more convincing, take a Virtual Tour of a recently listed property and envision your future!


Similar to St. Pete Beach, Gulfport is its own city separate from St. Pete. What was once a small fishing village has turned into an artsy town with a local feel. The downtown area consists of restaurants, bars, art shops, and a variety of other establishments. There are many people that take pride in the fact that they live in this funky town. I think that saying from Portland “Keep Portland Weird” would also apply to Gulfport.
It’s a bit of a weird city with some residents that fit right in. If you want a glimpse into the local’s lifestyle be sure to check out their local Facebook group.

If you’re looking to live somewhere with a small-town vibe Gulfport may be perfect for you. This waterfront town has plenty to keep you occupied but if that’s not enough the beaches and St. Pete are only a short drive away. If this sounds exciting, take a virtual tour of our recently listed properties in Gulfport.





Downtown St. Pete

It is amazing how rapidly this city has changed over recent years. Everyone wants to live downtown but unfortunately, not everyone can afford it, as the demand for both rental and residential property has skyrocketed. Wherever you decide to live downtown, you won’t have to go too far. DTSP (Downtown St. Pete) is all packed into about 1 square mile. The area surrounding Beach Drive is going to be by far the most expensive, but since it’s all so condensed, it makes sense to live a little bit further away to get more value.

If you’re looking to be right in the action then Downtown is for you. There are pre-existing homes as well as plenty of new construction in the works. Ready to see what the fuss is all about? Take a virtual tour of 6020 SShore Boulevard, one of our recent listings on a tremendous property located in the heart of Downtown St. Pete.

Tierra Verde

Located just off the southern tip of Pinellas County exists the tropical paradise known as Tierra Verde. The series of islands and mangroves is a great choice for people that love the island lifestyle without being completely disconnected from the mainland. Tierra Verde is considered to be part of the unincorporated locations in Pinellas County which means services default to the county rather than the city.

If you live in Tierra Verde, you have to embrace the boating lifestyle. Since residents live on a series of islands, there are many homes that are located directly on the water with their own private docks. Even if you don’t want to deal with the maintenance of a boat or you find a home that isn’t on the water, you can still experience the salt life. Ready to take a closer look with a Virtual Tour?

Treasure Island

Featuring a little over 3 miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches along the Gulf Coast, Treasure Island has a laid back atmosphere and truly is a local treasure that gives you a peaceful lifestyle, yet you’ll still have convenient access to all the spots that make Pinellas great.

The Treasure Island neighborhoods feature many mansions, condos, and there’s definitely the “wow factor” when you tell people you live in Treasure Island. Need to know what the excitement is? Take a Virtual Tour of a tremendous Treasure Island property that we recently listed.

Despite its wide appeal and neighboring tourist destinations, Treasure Island is a quiet area compared to the bordering towns. If living in a luxurious area surrounded by some of the hottest destinations in Pinellas interests you, check out our

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This Week’s Top Listings: Ready for Your Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours have been a hot-button topic for Real Estate Agents over the last few years and given the current state of affairs, an even bigger topic now. Whenever they were mentioned, the standard questions would follow: Is it necessary? Will it make my home sell quicker? How much does it cost? Do buyers even look at these things? Which platform do I go with?

With today’s technology, homebuyers can view properties in great detail, without ever leaving the comfort or safety of their current home. If you’re looking at houses with virtual tours, you’ll get an even more detailed view of the homes that are for sale – inside and out. And many Metro Agents can conduct a virtual private tour at a time that is convenient for you, allowing you to walk through a home with a licensed agent from virtually anywhere.

How to Take a Virtual Tour

On, you’ll find great listings with a variety of imagery and virtual tours available for review, thanks to today’s technology.

When you take a virtual tour, you’ll “walk-through” properties in one of two ways:

  1. A step-by-step, 360-degree virtual tour that is navigable along the path recommended by the realtor
  2. A prerecorded video tour of the home

Both of these options provide a great way to learn more about homes on the market and get details, so the time spent talking with your agent is the most valuable as possible. Ready to get started? Tour a property today at

Virtual Real Estate Tours are Safe and Simple

These are unprecedented times, but know that Metro Agents, has the strength and stability to help you navigate any kind of real estate market – including today’s. Contact us if you have any questions or if any of our experienced team members can help.


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RE/MAX Metro Real Estate Agents Go Virtual to Keep Coronavirus from Cooling the Market

Our main focus is maintaining safe, healthy, and transparent real estate transactions during this unprecedented time. We’ve worked diligently over the past few weeks to eliminate in-person contact with homeowners and shift our agents into a remote environment. While these steps are necessary, it has not impacted our ability to service our clients.

As part of our commitment to our clients, we’re providing a multitude of options to connect with you at this time; whether through online video conferencing, conducting a virtual tour of your home, utilizing secure online document signature services — whatever it takes, we’re here to help and provide the same level of service and care you’ve come to expect from RE/MAX Metro.

COVID-19 and our Housing Market

With mortgage interest rates are nearing all-time lows, for-sale homes of every style are abundant, but there’s one problem: touring houses and legal proceedings around when you’re ready to buy. It’s no secret that COVID-19 (coronavirus) has started taking a toll on Florida’s real estate industry. With parents and kids staying home, most retail stores closed, and people told to stay at home except for essential errands—the coronavirus has already dramatically changed life as most Floridians know it.

Now it’s expected to turn the typically busy spring home-buying season on its head as well – fewer homes on the market, no availability to show homes, longer closing times, and plenty of unanticipated delays in the coming weeks.

This is why we are presenting Offers by Metro

What is it?

Offers by Metro is the future of the online real estate industry. Powered by RE/MAX Metro, it provides buyers and sellers with a virtual real-estate auction platform to experience all of your options with extreme transparency.

Our industry-leading Real Estate Auction Marketplace allows home sellers and buyers to effortlessly connect via the internet with an expert who will walk them through all of their options; whether looking at homes through virtual tours, setting up a private tour, purchasing a home or selling your home to iBuyers.

What can you do with Offers by Metro?

How do I check it out?

Easy. Visit to learn more about the capabilities that we’re able to offer virtually during this unprecedented time. Need to speak to an agent? We’re always standing by to help however you need – contact us.


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Metro Cast Ep. 6 | Florida CraftArt with Tyler Jones


In St. Petersburg, local art is widely celebrated and promoted throughout the community. Exemplified in the murals that decorate countless buildings, big events like Localtopia and community based local markets, the city’s appreciation and celebration for local artists is easily recognized. Florida CraftArt, a statewide nonprofit organization based in St. Petersburg, Florida, works to engage with the community and promote its art. Along with providing mentorship and support for artists through galleries, shows and festivals, Florida CraftArt also offers educational lectures and activities to assist both children and adults. Additionally, support from the community is encouraged through free admission to galleries and Artlofts for all visitors.


Formally known as Florida Craftsmen, the organization originated in Deland, Florida in 1951. Professors Louis and Elsa Freund from Stetson University felt that Elsa’s homemade jewelry needed to be shown for the art that it was, so they organized annual exhibitions in galleries. In 1977, the organization became incorporated and later received its first home in 1986. However, the first space which truly looked and felt like a gallery was obtained in 1995. Florida Craftsmen officially bought the building in 2002, changing their name to Florida CraftArt in 2014. The establishment has since become the heart of the Central Arts District.


“… downtown, cornerstone, nonprofit organization.”


Tyler Jones, who is both a RE/MAX Metro agent and the president of Florida CraftArt, met with us to talk a bit about the establishment, describing it as a, “…downtown, cornerstone, nonprofit organization.” He explained that the facility only houses art from certain artists, putting the focus on both members of Florida CraftArt and Florida residents. As a membership-driven organization, Florida CraftArt offers its members discounts, perks, and exclusive looks into the company. Still, members are not the only ones who can enjoy the gallery. “The entire facility is opened to the public seven days a week,” Tyler explained.


Due to its central location and some of the largest storefront windows in the downtown corridor, the store gets significant foot traffic. Ryan, RE/MAX Metro’s media representative, described the popularity of the location, saying, “If you’re a St. Petersburg native and you walk past this intersection with the big mural in the ground, you know exactly where you are because you see all the art in the windows,” then added, “It’s a beautiful place to visit.” The gallery houses numerous kinds of mediums, including glass, ceramics, fiber and wood. Wooden pieces of art have different styles featured in the gallery, such as sculpted, carved, and turned, which is created through the use of a lathe.


“We have two sections of Florida CraftArt,” Tyler explained. The gallery consists of both a store, where everything is available to the public to be purchased and a rotating exhibit. The exhibition space has artworks that are curated and judged throughout the year, with about 8 or 9 annually. There are many different kinds of exhibits hosted in this space, such as fiber, pottery and even a pet exhibit coming soon, which highlights pets and is sponsored by both SPCA and AARP. Programming is available with usually 7 to 9 programs surrounding the current exhibits. These include artist talks, meet and greets, collector circle events and private VIP dinners for the openings.


As a nonprofit organization, Florida CraftArt relies on the support of the community and local artists. Membership is available in individual, family and corporate packages, and donations are always accepted. Stop by on 5th and Central to encourage St. Petersburg’s artistic community through Florida CraftArt!




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Clay Glover Joins The RE/MAX Metro Team In Downtown St. Petersburg



ST. PETERSBURG, Fl. (May 10, 2019) – RE/MAX Metro has announced that Realtor® Clay Glover is the latest addition of the growing real estate franchise. The Glover Group brings to the office more than 20 years of local real estate experience and specializes in home site redevelopment, luxury waterfront homes, condominiums, downtown living and historical renovations.


“I’m excited to join one of the most productive real estate networks in the U.S. and heighten the buying and selling experience for our clients,” Glover said. “With the economy improving, it’s a great time to buy real estate, but you need every tool in this dynamic real estate market. Waterfront homes in the Northeast St. Pete market are in high demand, homes are selling quickly and I’m here to help guide members of the community through the exciting and sometimes overwhelming process.”


Glover understands the importance of providing his clients with the latest market information and industry expertise. The Pinellas Board of Realtors® has recognized Clay for being in the Top 100 agents in Pinellas County and together he, along with a team of other successful realtors and assistants, sold over $60 Million in real estate sales in 2018 and were recognized with the Coldwell Banker Legends Society Award.


In addition to helping community members find the right home, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, 7-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. He also enjoys boating, spearfishing, triathlons and remodeling homes to their previous glory.


For more information about Glover or RE/MAX Metro, please visit or contact (727) 896-1800. 


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Metro Cast Ep. 5 | Derrick Silvers Interview



Derrick Silvers started Team Silvers as a way to help people sell and buy their homes. As someone who enjoys playing both tennis and pickleball, Derrick understands the importance of passion and dedication. He always strives to surround himself with people who will push him towards greatness, hoping to do the same for others. In this episode, Derrick Silvers sat down with Tracey Strube to talk about his team and the passion they share for their business.


At 18 years old, Derrick was in the top 60 tennis players in Florida. He would practice before and after school for hours and continues to play consistently in his adult life. More recently, Derrick became introduced to pickleball, a game which shares many similarities with tennis. Picking up on the level of commitment and skills he cultivated from these activities, Tracey questioned how they reflect upon his business.


Derrick referred to the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, which discusses the idea of failure. “You can fail to plan or plan to fail,” Derrick stated. But maintaining a plan can only be practiced when you have someone to help you along the way. Like a coach holds their players accountable, real estate agents need someone in their lives to help them remain consistent. For Derrick, that person is his wife, Bianca. “If you don’t have someone speaking into your life, I don’t think you can really push the limits,” he explained.


Concerning passion, Derrick referenced another Realtor that actively pursued new clients both out of devotion to the neighborhood and the people in it. Going door to door, he would knock and say, “Just your local Realtor sweating on your doorstep again this month,” and then proceed to hand them the sales from the last month. The Realtor was an exceptionally successful person, both in his business and with people. “He was passionate about it, he loved the neighborhood, and he went out and did it no matter what it looked like,” Derrick explained.


Another passionate person Derrick takes inspiration from is the chairman of VaynerX, Gary Vanderchuck. After watching just one of his videos, Derrick was enticed by the argument to move towards the things you’re passionate about instead of what makes you money. This philosophy is one that Derrick believes firmly in, constantly saying, “If you have to fail, fail forward.” To Derrick, following your passions, regardless of the possible outcomes, is better than simply giving up.


“If you have to fail, fail forward.”


Team Silvers excels at remaining open and candid with their clients. For example, Derrick has something in his car that holds his phone up while he’s driving. Whenever he thinks about something that motivates him, he hits the record button and uploads it for his audience to see. “People want to do business with people that they like,” Derrick explained. For this reason, sharing their passion and excitement is a priority. Just as they draw from the sources that inspire them, Team Silvers seeks to motivate their clients to pursue the things that they are enthusiastic about.

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Our Brass Bowl Review and Interview with Executive Chef, Jason Gordon


Brass Bowl is an original St. Petersburg brand, located exclusively in the Downtown area. Jason Gordon, the Executive Chef of the restaurant, described it as having

“…all the elements of fine dining brought to a more casual, relaxed atmosphere.” The food is 100% organic and gluten-free, with t-shirts sporting the phrase “Straight Outta Gluten.” Gordon expressed the desire to accommodate customers with celiac disease and gluten intolerance, without compromising the flavor or presentation.


A substantial focus of the eatery is the sourcing of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Doubling as a juicery, Brass Bowl has an onsite cold press that allows for daily juicing. Every morning, different combinations of fruits and vegetables are mixed together to be bottled and sold. Gordon explained the process as, “A little bit of science [and] local vegetables put into a flavor combination that’s a little bit easier to drink than some of your regular juices that are on the market today.”


“…all the elements of fine dining brought to a more casual, relaxed atmosphere.”


Many of the agents at RE/MAX Metro are excellent at maintaining expertise with the local community. Ryan and Tracey continued with this theme by visiting Central Avenue’s Brass Bowl, hoping to explore the visions and goals of the new restaurant. Gordan took the time to sit down with the team and go into detail about the company.

The business philosophy for both the employees and consumers is creating a culture of wellness. Ensuring the staff feels valued and has room to flourish in the given environment is essential to Gordon. Starting in the industry at age 14, the chef is familiar with the difficulty of the job. One way this doctrine is carried out is through tipping. By eliminating the use of servers, Brass Bowl returns all tips to the line cooks. As a result, the appreciation of the customers and management is tangibly represented as a result of the cook’s hard work. Ultimately, the goal is to create an atmosphere of inclusion by making everyone feel like a part of the operation.

The restaurant’s sayings, “check your ego at the door,” paired with “passion and positivity” represent the desire of Brass Bowl. Promoting wellness through dedication and modesty is indicated by the artistry demonstrated in their food. Gordon commented on this ability, noting the time and effort placed on sourcing ingredients to create amazing dishes.

As Gordon stated, “Wellness [is] about how we could give the public and our guests the best lifestyle for themselves through our organic food [and] healthier eating choices.”

Opening as early as 9 a.m. with numerous juices and options for eating, Brass Bowl is a wonderful choice for dining. The high quality, quickly prepared food, accompanied by a freshly squeezed drink, brings a unique flavor to St. Petersburg, leaving its customers hungry for more. Ryan and Tracey recommend taking the time to meet Jason Gordon and his team, conveniently providing the opportunity to sample a taste of the Brass Bowl.

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5 Tips for Success w/ Our Managing Broker


There are many ways to succeed in the current real estate market. Here are just a few of the ways our amazing Managing Broker, Tracey Strube, has found success in this always changing industry. 


#1. Start Your Morning With A Great Cup Of Coffee

Let’s face it, the life of a real estate agent/broker never ends. This is a job that requires most people to be on the clock all day, every day. There’s no way you can negotiate sales and keep positive relationships with your clients if you’re not energized in the morning. So, start your day with a delicious cup of a coffee to give you that time to unwind in the morning as well as a burst of energy for the rest of the day. If coffee isn’t your thing, try caffeinated tea or an energy drink. Something this simple can really help you get in the right mood to conquer the day. 


#2. Keep To Your Goals and Commitments

Setting goals for yourself is very important. This is something that everyone should get in the habit of doing. What’s more important though, is staying committed to meeting those goals. There are things that will continuously get in the way of us attaining our goals. It’s important to do everything in your power to stay the course and see these goals to the end. The best part is when we are so focused on fulfilling the commitments we’ve made, it becomes easier to say no to other things that would make your day less productive. 


#3. Identify What Your Purpose Is

Going hand in hand with committing to your goals, understanding your purpose for why you’re doing what you’re doing will give you a clear direction with your efforts going further. This also helps you make the right decisions and recommit to the promise that you made to yourself. 


#4. Remember Your Friends and Family

Familiar with the term “blood is thicker than water?” This is so true when it comes to what we do. Your main motivation should be to do everything to benefit yourself and those around you. Your family and friends usually have your best interest in mind.


#5. Accountability

One of the most important things to do to keep your priorities straight and your mind focused on the goals you’re committed to is to have an accountability partner. This can come in the form of a peer you talk to on a weekly basis or a consultant or coach you check in with every once in a while. The point of this is to have someone who has your best interests in mind that can help you along the way of what you are trying to accomplish.


For more information, visit us at


Or call us at 1 (800) 881-8729




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Why Choose REMAX Metro?

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Jungle Terrace and South Pasadena Videos Now Live

Our in-house photography/drone team has been producing a great set of lifestyle videos to encapsulate the feeling of living in St Pete. Check out the latest two!

Jungle Terrace

South Pasadena

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