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Staging for the Right Season!


Decorating for the season doesn’t have to mean covering a home in easter eggs and pumpkins; there are plenty of simple, inexpensive ways to stage listings for the seasons! This Summer, try applying some of our tips to your listings for a fresh and welcoming home!  



Summer is best known for its abundance in warmth and life. A great way to reflect the summertime in your home is by incorporating plants into the decor! Grab some simple vases and pots to house your plants and spread them across the home. These will not only add a bright, natural touch to the room but also help to freshen up the air! If the upkeep on plants gets to be too much, try fake ones! Fake flowers, plants, and succulents can be found in many stores and are usually fairly inexpensive. Try capturing the essence of Summer with the very things that define it! 



Another simple way to exemplify Summer is through color and lighting. Keep the room bright and sticking to soft, pastel colors! Natural light it an easy way to enhance the luminance of a room. If there isn’t a lot of natural light available in the home, try lightbulbs that produce soft, white light. For color, use vases, pillows, blankets, and whatever else you can for a pop of color! Soft pinks, purples, greens, blues, and yellows are perfect for the summertime. Additionally, the use of lighter woods, like driftwood or wicker, is a great way to keep the home bright. Experiment with different colors to find out which will best suit the house! 



A subtle way to get into the spirit of Summer is through music! Platforms like YouTube and Spotify have playlists dedicated to whatever mood you’re looking to set – including summertime! Play light, upbeat music to capture the essence of Summer from within the home. This will also help the ambiance transform into one of positivity and relaxation. If possible, try to create your own playlist in order to fit the expected clientele. Music has a way of bringing people together, and hopefully, your playlist will help bring in some more customers! 




But of all the Summer staging suggestions, the most important thing to remember is this: health is the number one priority. With every listing, be sure to continue following the proper CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of every person that comes your way. Wear masks, provide hand sanitizer, wipe down surfaces, and keep at least six feet of distance to stay safe! 


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RE/MAX Metro’s Virtual Efforts


RE/MAX Metro prides itself on staying current. But with recent changes in the world, Metro has stepped it up! We’ve increased our virtual presence to help our agents and clients improve their business while keeping their distance! Want to know more about what we do? Keep reading to find out! 



All throughout the week, RE/MAX Metro hosts multiple online events for their agents to keep business rolling. Zoom call Q & A’s cover everything from questions about the market to current events. Additionally, the Metro Team provides their agents with classes to encourage their growth. These classes tackle Facebook, Instagram, and creating ads, and more! RE/MAX Metro is happy to keep their agents informed and support them in their business.



Another one of RE/MAX Metro’s online efforts is virtual listing tours. Any agent with a smartphone is capable of starting their own virtual tour. But, RE/MAX Metro is happy to provide agents with tips and assistance in making the tour the best it can be. For agents who want to take it a step further, Metro also has an inhouse Matterport device. This piece of technology takes hundreds of pictures of a listing to allow people to virtually “walk-though” a house. This helps our virtual tours to stay top of the line!



Business matters to RE/MAX Metro. But beyond that, we care about establishing and maintaining relationships with our agents and clients. This is why RE/MAX Metro has continued to keep the team together by hosting online social gatherings. After hours, we keep the good times rolling!



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RE/MAX Metro in Action!


In today’s world, change is inevitable. But RE/MAX Metro is ready to take on the challenge and adjust accordingly! Our team is dedicated to keeping our agents and guests safe at every meeting. So what precautions are we taking to achieve this goal? Keep reading to find out!


FotoJet (1).jpg


From the very beginning, RE/MAX Metro has been extremely conscientious of the health and safety of others. For this reason, Metro is happy to provide all with masks! Our agents and clients are banding together to show their support by wearing masks and keep their distance.



Going further with following strict safety guidelines, RE/MAX Metro is dedicated to keeping all public spaces clean! Our team and agents take the time to thoroughly clean both our offices and listings to ensure safe visits for all people. Cleaners, wipes, tissues, hand sanitizers, and more are stationed all throughout our workspaces and are readily available to all!


Image may contain: drink and indoor


RE/MAX Metro has always been active in the virtual realm. Tune in next week to learn more about RE/MAX Metro’s virtual efforts!



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Webisode 2 – Full Leverage


Are you looking to improve certain areas of your business? With Full Leverage, a comprehensive coaching and development program, you’ll learn new practices, strategies and concepts to make your business the best it can be! Want to know the ins and outs of the program? Tracey Strube with RE/MAX Metro shared her thoughts in the video below to demonstrate the capabilities of Full Leverage. Click to watch!



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St. Pete Neighborhoods – Coquina Key


Around 1920, the Lewis family arrived at “Goat Island,” which is what we know today as Coquina Key. After an unsuccessful attempt to turn the Island into a residential area, Charles Hall stepped in. He cut a channel from Big Bayou to Little Bayou, which resulted in the creation of Lewis Island. But it wasn’t until 1955 that the Mackle brothers bought the land and started the little St. Petersburg community. Coquina Key received its name in 1957 after a renaming contest held by city officials. 

Today, Coquina Key is home to luxury waterfront properties, lovely single-family homes, beautiful city parks, and incredible views of the bayou. Known as “The Friendly Island,” Coquina Key Neighborhood Association is constantly hosting events for its inhabitants. The neighborhood’s clubhouse is available for rental and has held countless parties for the community. Coquina Key is only minutes away from the downtown area and has plenty of activities for both residents and visitors to enjoy! 

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Tina Herrell – The “Food to Go Program”


Tina Herrell, one of RE/MAX Metro’s top agents, is known for her efforts in the St. Petersburg community. Recently, Tina has become an active participant in the “Food to Go Program.” Here’s what she told us about her work in the community: 


On Thursday nights Our Savior Lutheran Church displays Living Love by giving families a hot meal and a bag of groceries between the hour of 5:00 – 6:00.  In each bag of groceries there is enough food for a family of four for 3 meals.  We try and pack with a theme each week.  We ask that families pull up in their car and pop the trunk.  We hand them a hot yummy meal which is prepared with love by church volunteers and then we place a bag of groceries in their trunk.  The bag’s theme this week is hot dogs, so the family will receive a package of hot dogs, hotdog buns, several boxes of macaroni and cheese, baked beans, two cans of veggies, breakfast items and a loaf of bread and peanut butter for lunch the following day.



We have had so many people in the community step up and help.  It may be to help cook in the kitchen, donate gift cards to hand out, or simply deliver food to the church.  At the beginning when Tony and I started we did not have one can of veggies.  Try and buy more than one pound of pasta or a loaf of bread.  Each store rationed their food, and to create 50 bags took some creativity.  We asked our close friends to go shopping and get what they could and on Wednesdays drop it off at our home by entering the side gate.  They placed the bags on the outdoor kitchen bar and in return we would share a drink and a quick fellowship moment.  It was beyond humbling to see all these people step up in a big way when needed.  We even had several sets of my Buyers donate checks from out of state, and Stonesthrow collected almost 3 truckloads of food.


To date we have served just under 1,000 meals and fed groceries to as many people.  We plan on continuing this through May and see where this takes us.  The need was very strong in the beginning. However, as stimulus checks and unemployment checks trickle in and things slowly start to open back up the need is slowing down just a bit.





We find people to serve through Facebook within the church and word of mouth.  They must call and register for the “Food to Go Program”.  They will visit with me for a bit and we have had a chance to get to know several people in the community pretty well.  This hit hard for many, many families.  One particular family both the husband and the wife lost their hospitality jobs and they have three kids and a disabled father living with them.  The gratitude they shared was overwhelming and a gift within itself.  I stand in awe of how God works through all of us.  It truly does take a Village in times like this.




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Webisode 1 – Virtual Marketing Tools


With unusual and unique times ahead, it’s important to embrace change with open arms. Now, many businesses are improving their online presence to maintain success. So what does this mean for real estate agents? Two of RE/MAX Metro’s experts came together to talk about the virtual tools available for agents! 


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Staying Social in the City while Social Distancing!


As people continue moving towards a semi-normal way of living, the city has begun to open itself up again. So where can people go to enjoy the city and get a little bit of social interaction while maintaining social distancing? Keep reading to find out! 



All over the city, restaurants are starting to open back up for dine-in business. Although there are still some guidelines to follow, many restaurants have outside or limited inside seating. Tropez St. Pete, located in the downtown area, offers plates from around the world. They’re opened for limited hours with a reduced maximum inside occupancy and outdoor seating. The Avenue Eat + Drink, also located downtown, has some of the best burgers in the city and is a great place to hang out. In Pass-A-Grille, Grace Restaurant is available for reservations to ensure a safe eating experience. Even beyond these examples are countless other restaurants in the city, ready for dine-in and fun!



Feeling stuffed up? St. Petersburg has plenty of parks to visit and is a great way to get some fresh air. Vinoy Park, which is located on the water in the downtown area, is a wonderful example. With bike paths, lots of grass, cool sand, and volleyball courts, there’s something for everyone! Plus, it’s a great place to bring the pups. There are many other parks open across the city, so be sure to find one near you!  



St. Pete is known for its beautiful beaches and warm, balmy weather. With Summer right around the corner, there’s no better time to visit the beach and enjoy the sea! All up and down the West coast of the St. Petersburg area is opened for beach visits – so long as its visitors carry out the necessary precautions to stay safe. Head out to the beach for some sunshine and vitamin D!




It’s important to continue practicing health protocols and social distancing while going out and about. But, if possible, keep looking for some fun ways to enjoy the city and get a little socialization in! 


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Best Places to Live near St. Petersburg

A lot of people are moving to the area we live in and if you’re reading this article you might just be one of them, or at least someone looking to relocate from one area within the area to another. The different neighborhoods and cities around St. Petersburg fit together like puzzle pieces, each a little bit different from the others but when you understand how it all fits together you realize just how unique this area is, especially given that is is a peninsula, but packs everything from world-class beaches to a modern downtown with historic buildings from generations ago just down the road.

The appeal to this area is more than what is here though, it’s the combination of elements that bring everyone together and create a certain vibe. Everyone from artists to business people and everyone in between has their place in St. Pete, depending on the neighborhood. This article will talk about places to live near St. Petersburg because most of these are not technically in St. Pete but closely surrounding areas and cities.

St. Pete Beach

Who doesn’t want to live closer to the beach? In 2019 St. Pete Beach was rated #4 on Trip Advisor as Best Beach in the entire US maintaining its usual spot among the top 5 as it has in past years. I would say that being in the top 5 routinely is something to be proud of. St. Pete Beach is a combination of small hotels that have been around for decades as well as huge 5-star resorts located directly on the beach.

What you notice right away is how different St. Pete Beach is from St. Petersburg. It is literally a whole different city – Both in municipality and vibe. You’ll notice many people that live here seem to be on permanent vacation with locals hanging out regularly at the local beach bars and restaurants. Things just move a bit slower here and no one seems to mind. Are you ready to move to St. Pete Beach yet? For a little more convincing, take a Virtual Tour of a recently listed property and envision your future!


Similar to St. Pete Beach, Gulfport is its own city separate from St. Pete. What was once a small fishing village has turned into an artsy town with a local feel. The downtown area consists of restaurants, bars, art shops, and a variety of other establishments. There are many people that take pride in the fact that they live in this funky town. I think that saying from Portland “Keep Portland Weird” would also apply to Gulfport.
It’s a bit of a weird city with some residents that fit right in. If you want a glimpse into the local’s lifestyle be sure to check out their local Facebook group.

If you’re looking to live somewhere with a small-town vibe Gulfport may be perfect for you. This waterfront town has plenty to keep you occupied but if that’s not enough the beaches and St. Pete are only a short drive away. If this sounds exciting, take a virtual tour of our recently listed properties in Gulfport.





Downtown St. Pete

It is amazing how rapidly this city has changed over recent years. Everyone wants to live downtown but unfortunately, not everyone can afford it, as the demand for both rental and residential property has skyrocketed. Wherever you decide to live downtown, you won’t have to go too far. DTSP (Downtown St. Pete) is all packed into about 1 square mile. The area surrounding Beach Drive is going to be by far the most expensive, but since it’s all so condensed, it makes sense to live a little bit further away to get more value.

If you’re looking to be right in the action then Downtown is for you. There are pre-existing homes as well as plenty of new construction in the works. Ready to see what the fuss is all about? Take a virtual tour of 6020 SShore Boulevard, one of our recent listings on a tremendous property located in the heart of Downtown St. Pete.

Tierra Verde

Located just off the southern tip of Pinellas County exists the tropical paradise known as Tierra Verde. The series of islands and mangroves is a great choice for people that love the island lifestyle without being completely disconnected from the mainland. Tierra Verde is considered to be part of the unincorporated locations in Pinellas County which means services default to the county rather than the city.

If you live in Tierra Verde, you have to embrace the boating lifestyle. Since residents live on a series of islands, there are many homes that are located directly on the water with their own private docks. Even if you don’t want to deal with the maintenance of a boat or you find a home that isn’t on the water, you can still experience the salt life. Ready to take a closer look with a Virtual Tour?

Treasure Island

Featuring a little over 3 miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches along the Gulf Coast, Treasure Island has a laid back atmosphere and truly is a local treasure that gives you a peaceful lifestyle, yet you’ll still have convenient access to all the spots that make Pinellas great.

The Treasure Island neighborhoods feature many mansions, condos, and there’s definitely the “wow factor” when you tell people you live in Treasure Island. Need to know what the excitement is? Take a Virtual Tour of a tremendous Treasure Island property that we recently listed.

Despite its wide appeal and neighboring tourist destinations, Treasure Island is a quiet area compared to the bordering towns. If living in a luxurious area surrounded by some of the hottest destinations in Pinellas interests you, check out our

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Tips on Working at Home from RE/MAX


Unusual times call for unique measures! Because so many people are now working from home, RE/MAX has stepped up to help out. Are you looking for some tips on staying productive and increasing your success? Keep reading to find out what RE/MAX has to offer!



The business world has been functioning a little differently recently. But the RE/MAX blog post, “Selling a Home During Unusual Times,” offers some tips on how to combat the change. The post talks about productivity, perseverance, preparation, and other tools for making the final sale. Click HERE to read the article and find out more about making a sale during tricky times. 



Struggling to keep your motivation? RE/MAX has some great suggestions to help you up your productivity. From staying organized to dressing the part, “5 Ways to Stay Productive While Working from Home,” offers great tools to keep you motivated and successful. If you’d like to learn more, click HERE to read the article!



Not all agents are well versed in completely online real estate deals. If you’re looking for some fresh tips on how to improve your virtual success, read the post, “How to Navigate from Lead to Close.” The article discusses some ideas on how to get through a transaction completely without leaving the comfort of your home. Click HERE to read more about good business online!




With RE/MAX comes a vast archive of tips and tricks to navigate through the real estate world. Even though difficult times might come, RE/MAX is ready to offer help and support you in your business. If you’d like to learn more about RE/MAX or read more blogs, visit https://news.remax.com/.