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The Magic Pill


What if there was a magic pill to transform your business overnight? Sadly, science hasn’t advanced that far yet… but we do have three great ingredients to get you and your business moving in the right direction! Keep reading to learn all about the three ingredients to the ‘magic pill’ and how it can help you build and maintain a successful business. 


The first ingredient to the ‘magic pill’ is consistency. Consistency is the most important principle in marketing, networking, lead generation, and every other aspect of business. It takes commitment to set time aside and plan ahead for all the moving pieces – but the end result can revolutionize the way others see your business. The best way to get started with consistency for your work is by building out a schedule. One of RE/MAX Metro’s most helpful tools is Booj: ‘Be original. Or jealous.” Booj empowers agents with the tools necessary to help them stay competitive and consistent within their local markets. This program helps agents create schedules and events to keep them on track with putting out content and connecting with others on a regular business. For those outside of RE/MAX Metro, agents can use programs like Google Calendars, Asana, Monday, or even sticky notes to keep track of schedules. In the end, any step towards creating a consistent schedule can be considered a win. To get started, pick a day of the week for something, like making a Facebook post, and try to stick with that weekly post. The volume isn’t what matters; it’s all about consistency! 


Lead Generation 

The second ingredient is lead generation. This often looks different for every agent, but lead generation is a vital part of maintaining a successful business. Some agents may rely heavily on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Some achieve this success with online ads or a large audience to connect with. For others, cold-calls is where they thrive. Regardless of how you generate leads, it’s necessary to keep up with lead generation in order to keep your business rolling. A great way to stay organized with your lead-gen plan is by considering these two things: What do you do for the people you know, and what do you do for the people you don’t know? Categorize your lead generation for the “known” and “unknown” people to maximize your efforts. Then, make your lead generation plans for each category and, as previously suggested, be consistent with it! After the initial effort has been made, follow up with your sphere as much as possible. Lead generation often takes eight touches before becoming a legitimate prospect. 


And …Consistency! 

The third ingredient to the ‘magic pill’ is consistency – again! It’s so important that we had to count it twice. Be persistent in your actions and stick with your efforts. The best way to find out if something works is by maintaining it until you’ve explored every aspect. 


If the ‘magic pill’ isn’t for you, keep trying different ingredients to get the perfect combination! A great tool for agents to learn more about building a successful business is the “Millionaire Real Estate Agent” book by Gary Keller. This book explores different methods that every kind of agent can try to reach the highest level of success possible. In the end, no agent functions the same. Try different things and see what works best for you and your business! 

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August Market Update from Tracey Strube!

August 2019 looks significantly different than August 2020. While last year had nearly 5,000 properties available on the market in August, this year only has about 3,300. Statistics suggest that agents are carrying less inventory than they did the year before. The good news is that properties are selling much faster than normal. Also, single-family homes have increased in price by 12% this year. To learn more about the change in the market for August 2020, watch the video below!


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Need some ideas for a Zoom background?


Zoom has become a huge part of day-to-day business operations over the last few months. Many people have had to transfer from doing all business in the office to their homes. How do you keep your maintain the tone for your meetings from the comfort of home? Keep reading below to learn more about Zoom backgrounds! 

Why Use Zoom Backgrounds?

Using Zoom backgrounds is an effective way to limit distractions. If you’re set up in a room with children playing in the background or an excitable pet, it might be a good idea to turn on a background. Hopefully, this would force the camera to focus only on you and not what’s going on in the background. Zoom backgrounds also help you keep your area ‘clean,’ even if it really isn’t. A kitchen full of dirty dishes or an unmade bed might not be what you want to show off in your Zoom meeting. This is when you could either select a default background or upload your own! However, not all computers are compatible with Zoom Backgrounds. If this is the case, try to eliminate distractions in the background before jumping in your call! 

What is a Good Zoom Background? 

Different backgrounds are may or may not be appropriate depending on the kind of meeting you join. For example, an image of a skateboarding dog might not be acceptable for a formal, professional business meeting. However, that same background could serve as an icebreaker in an informal meeting! It’s important to understand the setting of the meeting before you select a background. For real estate agents, professional backgrounds could include luxury home interiors, minimalistic decor, splashes of color, or other subtle images. Casual meetings have much more room to play with. Beach shots, animals, and even stills from your favorite movie could be used in informal Zoom meetings. Use discretion before selecting your image!  

Sample Zoom Backgrounds 

Here are some visual examples of backgrounds to use in your Zoom meetings:



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Amazon Musts for Real Estate Agents


Looking for something unique to add to your business? Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world. The platform is home to thousands of retailers and has countless items available to shoppers. Items like mugs and bumper stickers can be catered to real estate agents, but there are other products you can use to your advantage in your business. Keep reading for a quick look into some budget Amazon musts for real estate agents! 



A great way to step up your open houses or client meetings is with some light background music. But after you put your playlist together, you’ll need a way to play it loud enough to fill up the whole room. A simple solution is to purchase a Bluetooth portable speaker. Bluetooth speakers can connect to most smartphones and are controlled through either the phone or buttons on the speaker. The OontZ Angle 3 is listed on Amazon for under $30 and has a lifetime battery of up to 14 hours! Amazon does have other options for size and price, so shop around to find the perfect one if the OontZ doesn’t meet your needs! 



Another way to step up your game is with photo props. After helping your clients close on the perfect home, celebrate with a fun picture to go on your social media! You may have seen other real estate agents posing in a picture with their clients holding a ‘Just Sold’ sign. The Testimonial Photo Prop Signs come with two different signs in the shape of a key and are priced at $24.99. They read, “Found the One,” and, “Home Sweet Home.” These signs are perfect for both pictures and testimonials. But if the key doesn’t fit, keep searching for a more suitable prop for your photos. 



Video is becoming more and more prevalent on social media and in business. As a result, real estate agents are almost expected to be able to make videos about their business. Whether you’re recording a virtual tour or talking about something that matters to you, try to go the extra mile to create a high-quality video. A simple way to do this is by using a tripod for your phone. For $20, you can get the Xenvo LobsterPod Tripod, adjustable for almost any kind of cellphone. This product allows you to take a steady, level video several feet away from the camera. Such a seemingly small thing really can make a difference in your video! 




Of course, there are more than three products that can help you step up your business. Explore Amazon and think outside the box to get something that will really make a difference in the way you present yourself and conduct work! 


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3 Ways to Improve your Video Tours!


In our current day and age, technology is a necessity. It’s important to not only use these materials, but to get the most out of them for your benefit. An example of this is taking good video for your listings. Where can you start to ensure the best video tour possible? Keep reading to learn about our simple suggestions!



Before you hit the record button, take a look around the listing and see what can be tidied up. Remove clutter, reorganize pillows, and clear surfaces to set the scene. The goal is to make the home look clean, yet welcoming and livable. Also, try to remove controversial pieces like sports memorabilia or political pieces. The people watching your video should be able to envision themselves living in the home. 



After clearing up the clutter, plan out how you want to navigate your video. Walk through the listing and figure out the flow of each room. Then, treat your video tour like an actual tour! How would you show clients a new listing? Think about where you want to go and if you want to say anything. Whether you’re speaking in the video or not, it’s important to touch on the key components in order for potential buys to get a good idea of the home.  



Every listing has a number of notable elements for you to highlight. Show off appliances in your video so that clients get a good idea of what they’re buying into. Don’t forget to accentuate features like pools, garages, balconies, fireplaces, and so on. For some, these attributes could be what motivates a client to buy! 




Make sure to think about each of these suggestions before recording to ensure your video tour goes smoothly. Even implementing one of these changes could be the difference in helping you make the sale!


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Creating More Engagement Online


One of the biggest struggles of social media is getting people to engage with your content. Although there aren’t set rules on how to encourage interactions from your audience, there are many different methods to try. Keep reading to learn about three simple options! 



A great way to get your audience to interact with you is by asking them to! On YouTube, creators will often tell their viewers to like the video and subscribe. As a social media user, you can follow the same technique to keep getting engagement. Whether you’re speaking in a video or writing up a caption, try asking your followers to like, comment, share, and so on. A more subtle way to stimulate a response is by asking your followers specific questions. “What color cabinets would look best in this kitchen,” or, “Would you live in this house?” are great examples of questions to ask! 



Positive reinforcement can go a long way with an online following. Whenever someone comments or shares a post, make sure to thank them for their efforts! Respond to their actions with a thank you or further conversation by asking additional questions. The best way to establish continuous engagement is by creating a legitimate relationship. If someone comments on or shares one of your posts, look for opportunities to build a connection with them. 



As real estate agents, there’s a necessity for real estate talk on your social media pages. However, you’re also a real person with a life outside of work! Don’t be afraid to talk about your personal interest and help your followers get to know you better. As stated before, a great way to encourage engagement is through building relationships. And just as your followers should be able to get to know you better, try to do the same for them! See what people are already engaging with and try to find a pattern. Once you find out what your following responds best to, you can keep putting out similar content to keep engagement up. 




In order to get maximum engagement on your posts, some trial and error will be necessary. Keep trying different things until you see growth on your social media and be patient! With genuine content and a desire to build relationships, you will find some level of improvement with your online efforts. 


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Make these 3 changes to your social media!


The only consistency in social media is that there will always be changes. As a user of social media platforms, part of your job is staying on top of those changes in order to keep a successful account running. One of the best ways to achieve this is by implementing core practices ahead of time. Sound stressful? Don’t worry! Keep reading to learn about three simple ways to change your social media account without spending too much time or money! 



Experiment with new forms of content on different social media platforms and see which ones work best accordingly. For example, Facebook is a huge advocate for video content. If you aren’t already, try creating more video content for your Facebook accounts in order to appeal to the algorithm. Another example is Instagram Stories. Make an effort to put out more Stories on Instagram to prove you know how to use the platform. By using social media platforms the way they are intended to be used, your account will get secret ‘brownie’ points. AI will put your posts at the top of the newsfeed and will suggest your account to new people. If you get used to these things sooner rather than later, you’ll be well prepared for whatever changes come your way! 



A good way to better your social media accounts is to see how your audience responds to your content. Whether you’re trying something new or putting out the same kind of content you always have, it’s a good idea to monitor your engagements. Look at how many likes, comments, shares, views, etc. each post gets. This will let you know exactly what your audience thinks of what you put out. Once you start to get a good idea of the engagement each kind of post gets, you’ll be able to create content that follows those patterns. Your social media pages will then be stacked full of good, engaging content that your audience loves! 



The necessity of having a large following on your social media accounts can be debated. However, it is infinitely better to have 100 followers who continuously engage with your content than 100,000 followers that ignore you. While navigating through your social media accounts, try to go a bit beyond just posting every few days. Respond to comments and start conversations with people to build genuine relationships. By showing your interest in others, you prove yourself to be a real, caring person. The favor is much more likely to be returned if you make the first move! 




A lot of good could come from implementing even one or two of the ideas listed above. Give each of them a try and see what works best for you! 


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Her honest opinion… Jane with Full Leverage

Jane McCroary, one of RE/MAX Metro’s Top Agents, is a raving fan for RE/MAX’s Full Leverage program. Full Leverage is a comprehensive coaching and development program that teaches real estate agents, new practices, strategies, and concepts to make their business the best it can be! This program offers the entire playbook for what RE/MAX did and everything they currently use to run their brokerage. 

“I just started this package – it’s awesome!!  This would have been great to have when I started, but it’s also incredibly valuable ‘knowing enough to be dangerous.’  It helps having some knowledge and experience already so that the additional tips can be discerned.  It is also a great help to understand which tools do what – the main reason why I haven’t leveraged as much as I should. Thank you so much to the Metro team for the amazing job putting this together!”  –  Jane McCroary
With Full Leverage, you get a pre-built system with everything an agent could need to run a systemized, consistent, and profitable business while being fully customizable and adaptable to each brokerage’s specific needs. Contact our team to learn more about RE/MAX Metro and the incredible Full Leverage program! 
Jane McCroary 
(727) 348-3888
Our RE/MAX Metro Team: 

Tracey Strube, Sr Managing Broker/ VP Broker Operations

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Tierra Verde’s New Office!



RE/MAX Metro’s Tierra Verde location is getting an upgrade! We’re excited to announce our new location on the beautiful island of Tierra Verde in the Tierra Verde Square. With offices in downtown St. Petersburg, Treasure Island, Pasadena, and Tierra Verde, RE/MAX Metro reaches across Tampa Bay and across real estate service areas. We specialize in residential, luxury, property management, and commercial. Metro continues to be one of the top Real Estate Brokerages in the Tampa Bay area with some of the most productive agents. 



We look forward to serving all your residential commercial and property management needs. Stop by and say hello! The Grand Opening is on August 1st, 2020. Stop by at 1110 Pinellas Bayway S #110 to check out the new location! 


1110 Pinellas Bayway S #110

Tierra Verde, FL 33715


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Step Up Your Instagram Stories!


Instagram Stories are a quick and easy way to engage with clients and put out content. This form of content disappears after 24 hours and is a great way to post as often or as rarely as you’d like without overwhelming your followers. Not sure how to get started? Keep reading to see a few simple ways to up your game on Instagram!



A great way to interact with your audience is by doing Instagram polls. You have the ability to write up any question, like, “Want to see more of this listing?” or “Do you like this kitchen?” Or, you can rewrite the “yes” and “no” options and turn the question into something a little different. For example, you could put two pictures in your story and ask, “Which house do you prefer?” These are pretty customizable, so feel free to get creative with it! And after your followers or viewers vote on the poll, you get to see what each individual voted. This can give you an opportunity to start a conversation with your audience!



Another useful feature that Instagram Stories offer is the count-down clock. You write in the event worth marking and the start time and date. You can also change the color of the count-down to better match the image you selected. This tool would be a great way to promote an event like an open house. In the example provided, you can also encourage your viewers to DM (or direct message) you for more information. If they respond asking about the event, that conversation will remain in your DM inbox permanently – even after the Story has disappeared! 



There’s a lot of room for creativity with the text and drawing features. For text, there are several different fonts to chose from. Layering or mixed font types is a fun, creative way to spice up your posts. The drawing feature has multiple types of ‘pencils’ to doodle with. Plus, colors are completely customizable. The mix of text and drawings together can really make your posts pop! 




Since Instagram Stories only lasts 24 hours, you have plenty of time to try out different styles for your posts and see what you and your audience like best. Get creative and have fun with it!