Rifling for reads?


Are you looking for some literature to enlarge your success in the business world? There are countless self-help and real estate-focused books out there for you to learn from! Keep reading to find the motivation and encouragement you need to challenge yourself! 



Although published in 1936, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is still relevant to this day. Carnegie described the book as an “action-book,” but is more commonly known as the father of the “self-help” genre. Topics covered include making friends, winning people over to your way of thinking and acquiring new clients or customers. How to Win Friends and Influence People can also help improve personal relationships and set up the framework for an improved business life! Whether reading for the real estate industry or not, Carnegie’s book is sure to invoke new thoughts and challenges.



Written by Stephen Covey in 1989, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a mix of business and self-help. In his book, Covey lists some of the best practices for people to take on in order to obtain goals. He claims true productivity and success are dependent on aligning oneself with “true north.” This concept is presented as a universal and timeless method to follow. Covey hopes to guide the reader in a progression from dependence to independence, and on to interdependence. Since the publication’s original release, over 25 million copies have been sold, making it his most popular piece of writing.  Give The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People a read to discover the most effective ways to become an effective person! 



Authors Brandon Doyle, Nicholas Dreher and Marshall Saunders combined their shared knowledge and experience to create Mindset, Methods & Metrics: Winning as a Modern Reall Estate Agent. With over 45 years of experience in the industry, Doyle, Dreher and Saunders discuss concepts to improvement in business. Although originally written for real estate agents, topics in the book can benefit any person looking to better their businesses. The practical, relevant practices in Mindset, Methods & Metrics: Winning as a Modern Reall Estate Agent are sure to introduce new thinking and invoke further success in business. 



From improving your connections with people to learning new methods within the industry, there’s a ton of good reads for real estate agents out there! Pick up one of our suggestions or look into other books to increase your knowledge and further your success. 


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Should you fight Facebook?


Facebook is an incredible tool for growth in your business online! Using Facebook, you have the opportunity to increase the size of your audience, get your name out on social media, and run ads to sell more! Want to know how it works? Keep reading to find out! 


THE 80 – 20 RULE

First and foremost, Facebook is a platform intended for entertainment. Look for ways to meet this standard by posting personalized content! Even on your business page, find opportunities to post about yourself and what you’re up to. This could mean posting about where you went for lunch, your favorite local shop, or the fun beach day you just had! Still confused about how much you should be posting? Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, investor, and CEO has come up with the solution. Try to follow the 80 – 20 Rule on your social media! 80% of your content should be personalized and about you, while the other 20% can be about your business. Think of it as a “punch, punch, right-hook” kind of method. By following the 80 – 20 rule, you’ll be less likely to become white noise to your followers and keep them excited about you! 



A great way to stay accessible and increase your reach on Facebook is by running both a personal and a business page! When clients are searching for you online, they’ll have a higher chance of getting connected with one of these accounts. Plus, you can use your personal page as a litmus test for your business! Try different kinds of posts and forms of media on your personal page and find out what works best. Then, create similar content for your business page! This will help you find out what posts may be worth boosting as ads, which are only available on business pages. Facebook has other features that are only accessible with business accounts, like Facebook events and ad campaigns. Consider making both accounts to double your possibility of success with social media!



Facebook ads are a wonderful tool to grow your presence on social media. Ads can generate page likes, encouraging direct messaging, show off listings, and more! Because Facebook ads can only be run from a business page, it’s important to have one set up and ready to run. One of the things we tell our agents here at RE/MAX Metro is to run an ad to get page likes in order to increase your audience. Then, you can create ad campaigns and boost posts according to the result you want to reach. The process can be lengthy and confusing, but it’s worth taking the time to understand! Plus, your in-house RE/MAX Metro Tech Team is always here to lend a hand. Take advantage of the tools you have and grow your business!



Agents can find success from many different kinds of social media methods. Try them out and see what sticks! And with Facebook, you get back what you put in. Your results will show for the work you do! 


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Staying Ahead of a Shifting Market


The real estate market rarely stays the same for too long. For the agent, it’s necessary to stay updated on what’s going on in the market in order to keep sales and activity up! Tina Herrell, one of RE/MAX Metro’s top agents, shared some of her tips on how she stays ahead of the shifting real estate market!



Success in real estate is dependant on how well you know and understand your clients’ needs! As a result, agents should have some kind of idea about what their clients are looking for in a real estate purchase. Knowing this, Tina likes to stay up to date on what’s moving in there area. Every day, she enters the zipcodes she normally works into the MLS and spends some time reviewing the homes being purchased. She takes note of what’s being sold, what’s pending, and what’s new on the market. She also observes the square footage price of the area and any price drops. This helps her stay up to speed on with everything going on in the local area! 



Similarly to Tina’s previous tip, agents have to keep an eye on where the market is moving! Look at the communities you’re working and see what’s going on within them. If a home isn’t selling, you may have to find a new way to market it! This would mean doing research on where the direction of the community is heading to see what buyers may be looking for in that area. Since the market is constantly changing, make sure you stay up to date on it so that you stay on top! 



Because not everyone will be able to move in immediately, make sure you can help buyers figure out alternative options for their newly purchased home! Rentals are a wonderful way to bring in some extra income if the owner is unable to move in for a while. School yourself on what Airbnb and rentals need to be successful! Find out the city’s rental restrictions and make some connections with people who can help set up Airbnb homes. These ways, clients who can’t move in or who have multiple homes can make a little money on the side. Your knowledge in these areas will not only help you to stay ahead, but will make you a valuable source of information!



The best way to stay ahead of the continuously changing market is by keeping yourself knowledgable on the areas your selling! Know what options your clients have and find new ways to make deals happen. When the market changes, don’t get lost in the transition – lead the way!


Tina Herrell, Top RE/MAX Metro Agent


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Digging for the perfect podcast?


Are you looking for something to inspire, motivate, and challenge your real estate business? Podcasts are a great way to listen and learn about whatever you want from wherever you are! There are a lot of great podcasts out there, each with different focuses and hosts. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorites!



Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, CEO, investor, and vlogger is host to The GaryVee Audio Experience podcast. This show contains a combination of keynote speeches about marketing and business, interviews, #AskGaryVee’s, chats, and thoughts from Gary Vaynerchuk. Starting as a wine critic, Garyvee has years of experience in the business realm. Much of his work now has to do with digital marketing and social media, which he uses for his communications company VaynerX. This podcast will both challenge and provoke your thoughts on life and business! 



With a mix of topics concerning real estate, business, and life, the Tom Ferry Podcast is perfect for agents! Known as the #1 ranked real estate coach in the business, Tom Ferry brings his expertise to each show. The podcast also brings in various guests, provides a new way to look at things, and challenges viewers with new ideas. Tom Ferry is also host to the Tom Ferry Show, a video experience similar to the podcast. Although the show focuses primarily on real estate, Tom Ferry wants to touch on elements that will impact all parts of life!



The Impact Theory podcast is primarily concerned with creating entertaining and educational content for listeners. Host Tom Bilyeu invites celebrities and experts to come on the show and talk about various issues or topics. Impact Theory creates free content for their viewers in hopes that they can help people “… become the best version of themselves.” Show topics include “powerful beliefs,” “seek brutal honesty,” “get ahead fast,” and more. While the Impact Theory podcast is not about the real estate industry, the content they produce is both motivating and thought-provoking!


There are tons of great podcasts out there. If any of these three don’t meet your needs, don’t get discouraged! Keep digging for that perfect podcast until you find the right mix of entertainment and information. It’s out there!


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Should my client be my BFF?


Clients are the backbone of your business in real estate. While it’s true that clients can provide you with a paycheck, they want to be treated as more! If you pour into your clients, they’ll pour back into you. Want to know the best ways to achieve this kind of relationship? Joseph Romanik, one of RE/MAX Metro’s top agents, shared some of his tips on how he builds and maintains client loyalty!



Give your clients the attention and care they deserve! Keep communications open and be accessible to suit their needs. Even after the transaction is complete, your willingness to talk with and support your clients will make a world of difference! Go above and beyond to satisfy their needs and maintain professionalism. At the end of the day, your efforts to provide the best customer service possible could be the deciding factor in getting a referral or more of their business. 



Separate yourself from the pack; be a fresh, helpful source of information for your clients! Utilize tools and connections to share your knowledge with others. Joey recommends using social media to reach this goal! Record personalized videos, talk about interesting articles, or share your favorite books and podcasts to add value to your page. Look for other ways to convey good information with your clients to keep them coming back for more! 



As obvious as it may seem, your clients want to be treated well! Try to make connections with your clients outside of the industry by finding out what they like to do. This will help create a genuine, trusting relationship! Not every client is going to feel like ‘BFF’ material, but they do want to feel comfortable with you! When making recommendations to friends or looking to make another real estate transaction, they’ll refer back to the agent that treated them with respect and authenticity. Make sure that person is you! 



When it comes down to it, your clients just want to feel like a priority. Do what you can to convey their importance through your actions, work ethic, and conversations! Even though it takes a little extra time and effort, the loyalty you’ll receive will make it all worth it! 



Joseph Romanik, Top RE/MAX Metro Agent


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Want more Zillow leads?


Zillow is one of the most popular sites for real estate agents. Agents are able to show off their past experiences in the field and their successful transactions. Plus, they’re able to connect with clients both before and after a transaction takes place. This means that Zillow is a great tool for gaining more leads! Want some tips on how to get more? Keep reading!



Often times, clients will look for a real estate agent that understands more than just houses. They want someone who understands the community and can put them in a home that suits them best. The best way to convey your understanding of the local area is by posting about it! Take personalized videos or include information about the community on your profile. This way, clients are able to see your skill level and will feel well cared for and understood. Become a self-proclaimed expert! 



A good way to prove your success and experience is through the words of another person. Ask clients to leave reviews on your Zillow page! This will build a vault of information about yourself in a way that helps potential clients get to know you better. Plus, it legitimizes your business. Then, go further by responding to each review or comment – whether they’re good, bad, or neutral! This will show people that you value them and want to hear what they have to say. It’s also a great way to build long-lasting relationships with your clients!



Another great way to build out your profile is by posting your listings. Success on Zillow is directly connected to this! First, upload all of your previously sold listings to your account. Your sale history will show your local experience to clients and encourage leads to reach out! Then, make sure to update your account with all of your current listings. By utilizing Zillow Group to share these listings, the volume of contacts you receive will continue to grow! Increasing exposure is the best way to get Zillow leads. 



Now more than ever, buyers and sellers are using online tools to navigate the real estate market. That’s why it’s so important to stay active! Keep your Zillow profile updated and look for ways to show off your skill. With enough time and effort, you’ll be more likely to gain more leads from Zillow!


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Conquer your camera fears!


You may have noticed social media favoring video over other forms of content. Social media platforms are encouraging users to create their own videos to upload and share. For camera-shy users, this may seem daunting! However, there are ways to overcome video-stage-fright and find success in the meta of social media. Here are some of our top tips on creating great videos for camera-shy agents!



It can be tough to know the best ways to make videos when you’re just starting out. Luckily, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Keep your eyes peeled for videos you enjoy watching! Ask yourself what it is about the video you enjoy and see if you can replicate it. Over time, you’ll begin to develop your own voice and style from accumulating inspiration from other creators! Also, try to look for people making successful videos about things that relate to your industry. This will give you a kind of formula for perfecting your own videos!



The best way to get good at something is by actually doing it! Get out your phone or camera and press record – even if you’re not going to make a post! Your first take might be killer, but more often than not, you’ll end up throwing your first attempt and refining the message in later tries. And remember to have patience with yourself! The more you practice making videos, the more comfortable you’ll become. Learn by doing! 



Thankfully, your videos don’t need to be excessively long to be successful. In fact, shorter videos tend to perform better on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Before filming, try to think about what you want to say. Your first take is probably going to be the longest one! After a couple takes, your message should become more clear and concise. Whether talking about a listing, sharing a fun story, or promoting your favorite local business, try to keep the video around three minutes. Anything longer would be better suited for video-specific platforms (which is a whole other beast)!



As with any developing skill, it’s important to have patience and keep working at it. Improving your camera-confidence will allow for new and personalized ways to create content and keep your audience interested. See what works best for you and try to have fun! 


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25 hours in a day?


Can we increase the amount of time in our limited 24-hour days? Probably not. BUT, there are alternative ways to make the most of what we’ve got! Want to know how you can keep yourself on track, without getting lost in a sea of commitments? Improve the organization of your schedule with these time management tips! 



Important events should never be forgotten. If you have a meeting to attend, a task to complete, or a place to go, put it on your calendar! This will help you keep track of the things you don’t want to forget without distracting you from the task at hand. Also, make sure you include times so you can plan your day accordingly! Physical calendars are a great place to start. But if you’re constantly on the go, look into getting an online calendar. This way, you can access your schedule from multiple devices, regardless of where you are! 



Start your day by tackling your biggest, most important tasks (or MIT’s). The ‘impending doom’ of a huge task can cause unnecessary anxiety and be quite distracting. Avoid the stress by getting your MIT’s done first! This will also create some momentum to propel you through the remaining tasks with increased productivity and confidence. Plus, finishing the task that takes the most time and energy may allow you more time at the end of the day to unwind! 



Sometimes the things that take up the most time are your extra commitments! Although it’s wonderful to attend events and offer your help, it’s also extremely easy to become overloaded with too many obligations. If your schedule is already full, give a firm no! Or, postpone until your schedule is clear and ready for your commitment. Remember, overwhelming yourself will hurt a lot more than it will help. Don’t take on more than you can handle! You’ll thank yourself for it later on.  



You don’t need extra hours in a day to make better use of your time. Try these tips to see how your efforts are affected! And, if you find a better way to work efficiently and lower your stress levels, keep at it! Time management will vary from person to person; find your groove and stick with it! 


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How to Crush Your Coming Soon’s!


‘Coming Soon’ listings are houses currently unavailable to be shown or purchased. Marking a home as ‘coming soon’ helps the seller have additional time to move out, prepare for open houses, and get all of their ducks in a row. They’re also a great tool to build suspense and allow time for discovery. So how can you use coming soon’s to your advantage? Kaitlyn Kellin, one of RE/MAX Metro’s top agents, shared some of her tips on what she does with ‘coming soon’ listings!



Make a post about your coming soon’s online! By including pictures and a bit of limited information about the listing, potential buyers are able to learn just enough to ignite some curiosity. This will motivate them to stay up to date with all information regarding the home! Kaitlyn also recommends blasting the coming soon to your sphere or agent group through constant contact. Utilize your online tools to spread the word and gain some traction on your listing! 



‘Coming Soon’ signs are a great way to inform people of the upcoming listing. Place a rider on your sign to let people know what the listing’s status is. Also, look for fun ‘coming soon’ signs to place in the front yard to draw in more attention! Signs are another great tool to inform potential buyers and build up suspense about the house. 



Postcards and other forms of print are another great way to spread the word about your coming soon listing. Although they might not be great for every listing, postcards, flyers, and mail-ins can be an effective tool to deliver all necessary information to buyers. Include photos of the house, features, and information to contact you to maximize its success. Even if they don’t follow up on the given coming soon listing, they’ll still have your contact for any future business they might have!


The best way to create hype for a ‘coming soon’ listing is to get the word out there! Whether online, in the yard, or in the mail, look for ways to inform people of your listing. Through this, you’ll increase the chances of picking up a buyer! 


Kaitlyn Kellin, Top RE/MAX Metro Agent


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The Definition of iBuying


You may have heard the term “iBuying” before. iBuyers have the ability to use technology to make an instant offer on a home. So what does this mean for the buyers and sellers?  Keep reading for a closer look into the world of iBuying!



Normal real estate transactions often take a lot of patience. The buying and selling process tends to be lengthy! Buyers are frequently caught searching for the perfect home, which means plenty of home visits and inspections. Sellers are commonly waiting for the right buyer with the right asking price. With iBuying, both buyers and sellers have the ability to work the entire transaction from the comfort of their own home! Walk-throughs and offers can be completed online at any time. With iBuying, the whole transaction can come to an end in a matter of days! 



There’s lots of finality in buying and selling homes. However, iBuying has plenty of flexibility to meet any changes you need! The time frames are completely adjustable to match up with your schedule. If the seller needs a little extra time after the transaction is completed, iBuying allows for that possibility. Flexibility in transactions allows the buyer and seller to feel in control and comfortable. 



This increased level of comfort can be invaluable to sellers. With common real estate transactions, there’s always a possibility that the deal will fall through. Mortgages can be rejected and appraisals may come in too low. But with iBuying, the sale is almost always final. Buyers are also able to send inspectors to check for any necessary renovations. The confidence goes both ways in iBuying – which helps to put all minds at ease in a fairly stressful ordeal! 



The primary appeal of iBuying is the quick and simple nature of the transaction. But the additional level of accommodation and certainty that goes along with it is a definite bonus! Hopefully, iBuying will help make the entire buying process easier for all! 


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