Make these 3 changes to your social media!


The only consistency in social media is that there will always be changes. As a user of social media platforms, part of your job is staying on top of those changes in order to keep a successful account running. One of the best ways to achieve this is by implementing core practices ahead of time. Sound stressful? Don’t worry! Keep reading to learn about three simple ways to change your social media account without spending too much time or money! 



Experiment with new forms of content on different social media platforms and see which ones work best accordingly. For example, Facebook is a huge advocate for video content. If you aren’t already, try creating more video content for your Facebook accounts in order to appeal to the algorithm. Another example is Instagram Stories. Make an effort to put out more Stories on Instagram to prove you know how to use the platform. By using social media platforms the way they are intended to be used, your account will get secret ‘brownie’ points. AI will put your posts at the top of the newsfeed and will suggest your account to new people. If you get used to these things sooner rather than later, you’ll be well prepared for whatever changes come your way! 



A good way to better your social media accounts is to see how your audience responds to your content. Whether you’re trying something new or putting out the same kind of content you always have, it’s a good idea to monitor your engagements. Look at how many likes, comments, shares, views, etc. each post gets. This will let you know exactly what your audience thinks of what you put out. Once you start to get a good idea of the engagement each kind of post gets, you’ll be able to create content that follows those patterns. Your social media pages will then be stacked full of good, engaging content that your audience loves! 



The necessity of having a large following on your social media accounts can be debated. However, it is infinitely better to have 100 followers who continuously engage with your content than 100,000 followers that ignore you. While navigating through your social media accounts, try to go a bit beyond just posting every few days. Respond to comments and start conversations with people to build genuine relationships. By showing your interest in others, you prove yourself to be a real, caring person. The favor is much more likely to be returned if you make the first move! 




A lot of good could come from implementing even one or two of the ideas listed above. Give each of them a try and see what works best for you! 


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Why should you run online ads?


The online world is a great place to expand your reach and further develop your business. However, there’s no real way to control who sees your posts. One of the best ways to reach a specific audience is through online advertisements. But what are some of the lesser-known benefits of ads? Keep reading to find out! 



Regardless of where you run your online ads, they always have the ability to generate real leads. Some ads can send people to a ‘direct messaging’ landing page where you can start a conversation with them. Others might take people to a place where they can plug in information for you to contact them with. Consider your options for the type of ad you want to run and choose accordingly! 



Another great reason to use ads is for the statistics. When you run an ad, a report comes back to you with the number of clicks, impressions, and other forms of information to tell you how the ad performed. This is especially helpful for running ads on a client’s listing. If the client is getting impatient and looking for quick results, you can show them ads performance. Plus, you have the ability to see how your ads perform. This can help you to better shape your content to get the most out of your social media! 



One of the most difficult parts of social media is getting started. Whether you’re starting a new page or working on an old one, it’s important to grow and maintain your audience size. This can be achieved through ads! Using Facebook and Google ads to the fullest, you can direct your ads to whichever landing page you’d like. Even if you don’t get more followers or specific leads, those ads will increase your reach and get your name out there. If anything, running ads will let people know who you are and what you’re about! 



Get in contact with our team for help on running online ads!


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Her honest opinion… Jane with Full Leverage

Jane McCroary, one of RE/MAX Metro’s Top Agents, is a raving fan for RE/MAX’s Full Leverage program. Full Leverage is a comprehensive coaching and development program that teaches real estate agents, new practices, strategies, and concepts to make their business the best it can be! This program offers the entire playbook for what RE/MAX did and everything they currently use to run their brokerage. 

“I just started this package – it’s awesome!!  This would have been great to have when I started, but it’s also incredibly valuable ‘knowing enough to be dangerous.’  It helps having some knowledge and experience already so that the additional tips can be discerned.  It is also a great help to understand which tools do what – the main reason why I haven’t leveraged as much as I should. Thank you so much to the Metro team for the amazing job putting this together!”  –  Jane McCroary
With Full Leverage, you get a pre-built system with everything an agent could need to run a systemized, consistent, and profitable business while being fully customizable and adaptable to each brokerage’s specific needs. Contact our team to learn more about RE/MAX Metro and the incredible Full Leverage program! 
Jane McCroary 
(727) 348-3888
Our RE/MAX Metro Team: 

Tracey Strube, Sr Managing Broker/ VP Broker Operations

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Tierra Verde’s New Office!



RE/MAX Metro’s Tierra Verde location is getting an upgrade! We’re excited to announce our new location on the beautiful island of Tierra Verde in the Tierra Verde Square. With offices in downtown St. Petersburg, Treasure Island, Pasadena, and Tierra Verde, RE/MAX Metro reaches across Tampa Bay and across real estate service areas. We specialize in residential, luxury, property management, and commercial. Metro continues to be one of the top Real Estate Brokerages in the Tampa Bay area with some of the most productive agents. 



We look forward to serving all your residential commercial and property management needs. Stop by and say hello! The Grand Opening is on August 1st, 2020. Stop by at 1110 Pinellas Bayway S #110 to check out the new location! 


1110 Pinellas Bayway S #110

Tierra Verde, FL 33715


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Step Up Your Instagram Stories!


Instagram Stories are a quick and easy way to engage with clients and put out content. This form of content disappears after 24 hours and is a great way to post as often or as rarely as you’d like without overwhelming your followers. Not sure how to get started? Keep reading to see a few simple ways to up your game on Instagram!



A great way to interact with your audience is by doing Instagram polls. You have the ability to write up any question, like, “Want to see more of this listing?” or “Do you like this kitchen?” Or, you can rewrite the “yes” and “no” options and turn the question into something a little different. For example, you could put two pictures in your story and ask, “Which house do you prefer?” These are pretty customizable, so feel free to get creative with it! And after your followers or viewers vote on the poll, you get to see what each individual voted. This can give you an opportunity to start a conversation with your audience!



Another useful feature that Instagram Stories offer is the count-down clock. You write in the event worth marking and the start time and date. You can also change the color of the count-down to better match the image you selected. This tool would be a great way to promote an event like an open house. In the example provided, you can also encourage your viewers to DM (or direct message) you for more information. If they respond asking about the event, that conversation will remain in your DM inbox permanently – even after the Story has disappeared! 



There’s a lot of room for creativity with the text and drawing features. For text, there are several different fonts to chose from. Layering or mixed font types is a fun, creative way to spice up your posts. The drawing feature has multiple types of ‘pencils’ to doodle with. Plus, colors are completely customizable. The mix of text and drawings together can really make your posts pop! 




Since Instagram Stories only lasts 24 hours, you have plenty of time to try out different styles for your posts and see what you and your audience like best. Get creative and have fun with it!


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Staging for the Right Season!


Decorating for the season doesn’t have to mean covering a home in easter eggs and pumpkins; there are plenty of simple, inexpensive ways to stage listings for the seasons! This Summer, try applying some of our tips to your listings for a fresh and welcoming home!  



Summer is best known for its abundance in warmth and life. A great way to reflect the summertime in your home is by incorporating plants into the decor! Grab some simple vases and pots to house your plants and spread them across the home. These will not only add a bright, natural touch to the room but also help to freshen up the air! If the upkeep on plants gets to be too much, try fake ones! Fake flowers, plants, and succulents can be found in many stores and are usually fairly inexpensive. Try capturing the essence of Summer with the very things that define it! 



Another simple way to exemplify Summer is through color and lighting. Keep the room bright and sticking to soft, pastel colors! Natural light it an easy way to enhance the luminance of a room. If there isn’t a lot of natural light available in the home, try lightbulbs that produce soft, white light. For color, use vases, pillows, blankets, and whatever else you can for a pop of color! Soft pinks, purples, greens, blues, and yellows are perfect for the summertime. Additionally, the use of lighter woods, like driftwood or wicker, is a great way to keep the home bright. Experiment with different colors to find out which will best suit the house! 



A subtle way to get into the spirit of Summer is through music! Platforms like YouTube and Spotify have playlists dedicated to whatever mood you’re looking to set – including summertime! Play light, upbeat music to capture the essence of Summer from within the home. This will also help the ambiance transform into one of positivity and relaxation. If possible, try to create your own playlist in order to fit the expected clientele. Music has a way of bringing people together, and hopefully, your playlist will help bring in some more customers! 




But of all the Summer staging suggestions, the most important thing to remember is this: health is the number one priority. With every listing, be sure to continue following the proper CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of every person that comes your way. Wear masks, provide hand sanitizer, wipe down surfaces, and keep at least six feet of distance to stay safe! 


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RE/MAX Metro’s Virtual Efforts


RE/MAX Metro prides itself on staying current. But with recent changes in the world, Metro has stepped it up! We’ve increased our virtual presence to help our agents and clients improve their business while keeping their distance! Want to know more about what we do? Keep reading to find out! 



All throughout the week, RE/MAX Metro hosts multiple online events for their agents to keep business rolling. Zoom call Q & A’s cover everything from questions about the market to current events. Additionally, the Metro Team provides their agents with classes to encourage their growth. These classes tackle Facebook, Instagram, and creating ads, and more! RE/MAX Metro is happy to keep their agents informed and support them in their business.



Another one of RE/MAX Metro’s online efforts is virtual listing tours. Any agent with a smartphone is capable of starting their own virtual tour. But, RE/MAX Metro is happy to provide agents with tips and assistance in making the tour the best it can be. For agents who want to take it a step further, Metro also has an inhouse Matterport device. This piece of technology takes hundreds of pictures of a listing to allow people to virtually “walk-though” a house. This helps our virtual tours to stay top of the line!



Business matters to RE/MAX Metro. But beyond that, we care about establishing and maintaining relationships with our agents and clients. This is why RE/MAX Metro has continued to keep the team together by hosting online social gatherings. After hours, we keep the good times rolling!



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RE/MAX Metro in Action!


In today’s world, change is inevitable. But RE/MAX Metro is ready to take on the challenge and adjust accordingly! Our team is dedicated to keeping our agents and guests safe at every meeting. So what precautions are we taking to achieve this goal? Keep reading to find out!


FotoJet (1).jpg


From the very beginning, RE/MAX Metro has been extremely conscientious of the health and safety of others. For this reason, Metro is happy to provide all with masks! Our agents and clients are banding together to show their support by wearing masks and keep their distance.



Going further with following strict safety guidelines, RE/MAX Metro is dedicated to keeping all public spaces clean! Our team and agents take the time to thoroughly clean both our offices and listings to ensure safe visits for all people. Cleaners, wipes, tissues, hand sanitizers, and more are stationed all throughout our workspaces and are readily available to all!


Image may contain: drink and indoor


RE/MAX Metro has always been active in the virtual realm. Tune in next week to learn more about RE/MAX Metro’s virtual efforts!



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Webisode 2 – Full Leverage


Are you looking to improve certain areas of your business? With Full Leverage, a comprehensive coaching and development program, you’ll learn new practices, strategies and concepts to make your business the best it can be! Want to know the ins and outs of the program? Tracey Strube with RE/MAX Metro shared her thoughts in the video below to demonstrate the capabilities of Full Leverage. Click to watch!



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St. Pete Neighborhoods – Coquina Key


Around 1920, the Lewis family arrived at “Goat Island,” which is what we know today as Coquina Key. After an unsuccessful attempt to turn the Island into a residential area, Charles Hall stepped in. He cut a channel from Big Bayou to Little Bayou, which resulted in the creation of Lewis Island. But it wasn’t until 1955 that the Mackle brothers bought the land and started the little St. Petersburg community. Coquina Key received its name in 1957 after a renaming contest held by city officials. 

Today, Coquina Key is home to luxury waterfront properties, lovely single-family homes, beautiful city parks, and incredible views of the bayou. Known as “The Friendly Island,” Coquina Key Neighborhood Association is constantly hosting events for its inhabitants. The neighborhood’s clubhouse is available for rental and has held countless parties for the community. Coquina Key is only minutes away from the downtown area and has plenty of activities for both residents and visitors to enjoy! 

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