Uncategorized December 10, 2020

Three Things Your Photos Are Missing


Online shopping is huge this time of year. Now more than ever, many buyers are turning towards the online realm to begin the search for a home. Photography is a great tool for real estate agents to share their listings and highlight a home’s features. Your listing pictures and social media pages are the perfect places to put your real estate-focused pictures. However, many real estate pictures could use some slight adjustments to truly bring out the best parts of the photo. Try the tips below to get the most out of your listing and social media pictures! 



Lighting has the power to make or break a picture. A properly illuminated subject will provide a clear, professional looking photo. Artificial overhead lights can cast harsh shadows or change the color of your subject. The best way to combat this is by using natural lighting. Try opening windows and turning off the overhead lights to let natural light illuminate your subject. In some cases, you may need to plan your photo-taking session ahead of time in order to capture the most amount of natural light possible. Try taking photos with different light sources and see what flatters your subject the most! 



Remove any clutter or distractions from your image to keep all attention on your subject. A clean house gives buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves in the home. Clutter acts as a reminder that other people already live in the home, which can turn the buyers off from pursuing the listing further. Additionally, clutter distracts people from the main subject of the picture. Any impressive listing features can be quickly drowned out by distracting clutter. Make sure all surfaces in the home are clear and clean. Whenever possible, remove family photos or personal items to keep the image simple and clean. 



Try to include yourself in your business photos as much as possible! Although it may not be appropriate to include yourself in listing photos, take a couple of extra shots of you in the home to use for social media posts in the future. Posting pictures of yourself provides a face for people to recognize and lets people get to know you better. Some of the best content to post on social media for both your personal and business pages is pictures of you. Personalized content should be the primary kind of posts you put on your social media pages. Personalized “business” photos are the perfect mix of content for you to drip in between your normal posts. Try taking some more pictures of yourself to put on your social media pages! 




Do you notice anything missing from your real estate pictures? Try any of these tips to add a little something more to your images!