Uncategorized December 1, 2020

Becoming the Neighborhood Expert


Many real estate agents like to work in particular neighborhoods. Considering how competitive the real estate business can be, it’s not surprising that so many agents struggle to become the known “expert” of a neighborhood. Are you hoping to secure that title of your desired neighborhood? Keep reading to learn about some of our tips for becoming the neighborhood expert!



A great way to get your foot in the door with a neighborhood is by sending residents marketing material. Products like pens, pencils, calendars, mugs, flyers, magnets, and so on are perfect examples of marketing material you can use. By including your branding, contact information, and even an image of yourself on the products, residents will become more familiar with your business. The more people from the area see your name and branding, the better chance you have of being the first real estate agent that comes to their mind when it comes time to sell. Additionally, local residents will be able to refer you to friends and family who are looking to get into the same neighborhood. Associate yourself with the neighborhood as much as possible and get your name out there! 



Another way to become a neighborhood expert is by familiarizing yourself with the area. Visit local restaurants, businesses, and outdoor locations to become acquainted with the neighborhood. This will help you conversate with local residents or potential buyers. It will also help you to inform clients about the area and secure your title as the expert. This will help you answer questions and help make clients feel at home in the area. Be sure to know the best places to grab a late-night bite, watch the sunset, and buy local-made products!  



In addition to knowing local locations to visit, try to get to know the business owners and residents of the area. Getting plugged into the community will help you establish your roots in the neighborhood and become better-known as the neighborhood expert. This way, locals can point others to you when it comes time to look for or sell their home! Take this a step further by attending local events where you can meet more of the local community. Park picnics, holiday parties, and other community events allow for great opportunities to get to know people in the area and establish connections. 




Becoming the neighborhood expert will likely take some time. Continue your efforts and try different things to become the known expert of the area!