Uncategorized October 27, 2020

Scary Good Ideas for your Halloween Open House


An open house is kind of like a party. Food, music, and fun conversation are common ingredients for a successful open house. But what does an open house look like on Halloween? Halloween + New Listing = A ‘hauntingly’ good time! Keep reading to learn about some frighteningly good ideas to spook up your Halloween open house! 



Many open houses have some level of decor to spice up the home. For Halloween, agents have many different options for how they can decorate to match the season! Halloween decorations like pumpkins, simple table decor, and sparingly-used (fake) cobwebs are perfect for a spirited open house. Additionally, festive music can act as a wonderful tool to lighten the mood and add a little flare to the event. Agents can also opt for a fall theme with red, orange, forest green, and neutral colors and some scented candles. However you chose to decorate, make sure to do so in reason. The home should remain clutter-free and easy to see. Too many decorations could make it difficult for potential buyers to appreciate the home in full! 



It’s Halloween – costumes are a must. However, make sure to look approachable. Try not to wear anything too controversial or frightening. Your job as a real estate agent is to communicate with clients. Don’t let a distasteful costume scare off the buyers! Some examples of simple, inexpensive costumes for real estate agents are a superhero, secret agent, cowboy/girl, rockstar, etc. You can also encourage your visitors to dress up as well! If possible, you can even set up an area for people to take “photo booth” type photos with props and a fun backdrop! Tape Halloween-themed wrapping paper to a blank wall to achieve this. This is a wonderful opportunity to get some fun pictures with your clients or of the open house to post on social media. 



No Halloween open house is complete without treats! Display some candy, pens, stickers, and so on for your visitors to take away from the event. If possible, try to put your branding and/or contact information on each of the items! If you can’t fit it all on the goodie, print out your information on a ribbon and tie it to the item. This is a great way to personalize your treats and encourage a follow-up from your visitors later on. Also, make sure you have enough goodies to hand out to the trick-or-treaters that might stop by throughout the night! You can even attach your information to those items for the kids to pass along to their parents. Think of this as some free marketing for future use!




Are you ready to try out a holiday open house? Take on the challenge and enjoy the unique and exciting event with your potential buyers!