Uncategorized October 19, 2020

The Secret to Becoming a Memorable Agent


Real estate is a continuously growing business. There are millions of real estate agents in the U.S. and more are becoming certified every day. How can you stand out among the other agents in such a significant business? Keep reading to find out!



Many people like to represent the brands they support. This could mean following the business page on social media, referring friends and family to the business, or continuing to pursue the business’ products. Real estate agents can encourage clients to do this by creating physical branded materials. Use your logo, team name, and/or branded colors on physical materials. You can also include contact information like a phone number, email address, or website. Examples of physical materials include coozies, stickers, magnets, calendars, pens, and so on. There are many websites for agents to use when creating custom and personalized materials. Custom Ink has an extensive variety of options for users to choose from. Although this option is not cost-free, it’s a great way to increase your reach and establish a relationship with your clients. 



Another way to stand out among the other real estate agents is by cultivating an online presence. In our current day of age, many clients are turning towards social media for their business needs. This means real estate agents need to be active on social media in order to increase their reach. For some, social media is less intimidating and has less of a commitment compared to a phone call or in-person meeting. Plus, people with busy schedules will often have more flexibility concerning online communication. For this reason, real estate agents should make sure that they are available on major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, this doesn’t mean agents have to post online every day. Instead, try to post a couple times a month on Facebook and Instagram to show searching clients that you’re still active in the real estate business. Then, make sure your notifications for both platforms are turned on so you can see when a client reaches out. And if possible, interact with your clients on the platform to let them know that they are more than just a transaction. A personal touch can make a huge difference in your business. 



How active are you in your local community? Do you have a networking group that you’re continuously involved with? It’s important to associate with the people in your local area and to build connections within the community you’re working in. Real estate professionals who are not working actively in the local community are losing countless opportunities to meet potential clients and increase their reach. If you don’t have a group you are already involved with, try to attend online or in-person events and communicate with people you don’t know. You can also attend outreach and community service events to contribute to the improvement of your community and show people that you understand the needs of the local area. Whenever possible, look for opportunities to build relationships and make personal connections with others. A real estate agent’s time is valuable; how impressive would it be to see a successful agent helping the community with the limited time they have?




The pattern in each of these recommendations is personalization. Look for ways to bring a personal aspect to every aspect of your business. Whether you’re communicating with past or potential clients, navigating the online realm, or handing out personalized materials to your sphere, continuously consider ways to go above and beyond to stand out in the vast business that is real estate.