Uncategorized September 29, 2020

The Magic Pill


What if there was a magic pill to transform your business overnight? Sadly, science hasn’t advanced that far yet… but we do have three great ingredients to get you and your business moving in the right direction! Keep reading to learn all about the three ingredients to the ‘magic pill’ and how it can help you build and maintain a successful business. 


The first ingredient to the ‘magic pill’ is consistency. Consistency is the most important principle in marketing, networking, lead generation, and every other aspect of business. It takes commitment to set time aside and plan ahead for all the moving pieces – but the end result can revolutionize the way others see your business. The best way to get started with consistency for your work is by building out a schedule. One of RE/MAX Metro’s most helpful tools is Booj: ‘Be original. Or jealous.” Booj empowers agents with the tools necessary to help them stay competitive and consistent within their local markets. This program helps agents create schedules and events to keep them on track with putting out content and connecting with others on a regular business. For those outside of RE/MAX Metro, agents can use programs like Google Calendars, Asana, Monday, or even sticky notes to keep track of schedules. In the end, any step towards creating a consistent schedule can be considered a win. To get started, pick a day of the week for something, like making a Facebook post, and try to stick with that weekly post. The volume isn’t what matters; it’s all about consistency! 


Lead Generation 

The second ingredient is lead generation. This often looks different for every agent, but lead generation is a vital part of maintaining a successful business. Some agents may rely heavily on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Some achieve this success with online ads or a large audience to connect with. For others, cold-calls is where they thrive. Regardless of how you generate leads, it’s necessary to keep up with lead generation in order to keep your business rolling. A great way to stay organized with your lead-gen plan is by considering these two things: What do you do for the people you know, and what do you do for the people you don’t know? Categorize your lead generation for the “known” and “unknown” people to maximize your efforts. Then, make your lead generation plans for each category and, as previously suggested, be consistent with it! After the initial effort has been made, follow up with your sphere as much as possible. Lead generation often takes eight touches before becoming a legitimate prospect. 


And …Consistency! 

The third ingredient to the ‘magic pill’ is consistency – again! It’s so important that we had to count it twice. Be persistent in your actions and stick with your efforts. The best way to find out if something works is by maintaining it until you’ve explored every aspect. 


If the ‘magic pill’ isn’t for you, keep trying different ingredients to get the perfect combination! A great tool for agents to learn more about building a successful business is the “Millionaire Real Estate Agent” book by Gary Keller. This book explores different methods that every kind of agent can try to reach the highest level of success possible. In the end, no agent functions the same. Try different things and see what works best for you and your business!