Uncategorized September 8, 2020

Need some ideas for a Zoom background?


Zoom has become a huge part of day-to-day business operations over the last few months. Many people have had to transfer from doing all business in the office to their homes. How do you keep your maintain the tone for your meetings from the comfort of home? Keep reading below to learn more about Zoom backgrounds! 

Why Use Zoom Backgrounds?

Using Zoom backgrounds is an effective way to limit distractions. If you’re set up in a room with children playing in the background or an excitable pet, it might be a good idea to turn on a background. Hopefully, this would force the camera to focus only on you and not what’s going on in the background. Zoom backgrounds also help you keep your area ‘clean,’ even if it really isn’t. A kitchen full of dirty dishes or an unmade bed might not be what you want to show off in your Zoom meeting. This is when you could either select a default background or upload your own! However, not all computers are compatible with Zoom Backgrounds. If this is the case, try to eliminate distractions in the background before jumping in your call! 

What is a Good Zoom Background? 

Different backgrounds are may or may not be appropriate depending on the kind of meeting you join. For example, an image of a skateboarding dog might not be acceptable for a formal, professional business meeting. However, that same background could serve as an icebreaker in an informal meeting! It’s important to understand the setting of the meeting before you select a background. For real estate agents, professional backgrounds could include luxury home interiors, minimalistic decor, splashes of color, or other subtle images. Casual meetings have much more room to play with. Beach shots, animals, and even stills from your favorite movie could be used in informal Zoom meetings. Use discretion before selecting your image!  

Sample Zoom Backgrounds 

Here are some visual examples of backgrounds to use in your Zoom meetings: