Uncategorized August 17, 2020

Creating More Engagement Online


One of the biggest struggles of social media is getting people to engage with your content. Although there aren’t set rules on how to encourage interactions from your audience, there are many different methods to try. Keep reading to learn about three simple options! 



A great way to get your audience to interact with you is by asking them to! On YouTube, creators will often tell their viewers to like the video and subscribe. As a social media user, you can follow the same technique to keep getting engagement. Whether you’re speaking in a video or writing up a caption, try asking your followers to like, comment, share, and so on. A more subtle way to stimulate a response is by asking your followers specific questions. “What color cabinets would look best in this kitchen,” or, “Would you live in this house?” are great examples of questions to ask! 



Positive reinforcement can go a long way with an online following. Whenever someone comments or shares a post, make sure to thank them for their efforts! Respond to their actions with a thank you or further conversation by asking additional questions. The best way to establish continuous engagement is by creating a legitimate relationship. If someone comments on or shares one of your posts, look for opportunities to build a connection with them. 



As real estate agents, there’s a necessity for real estate talk on your social media pages. However, you’re also a real person with a life outside of work! Don’t be afraid to talk about your personal interest and help your followers get to know you better. As stated before, a great way to encourage engagement is through building relationships. And just as your followers should be able to get to know you better, try to do the same for them! See what people are already engaging with and try to find a pattern. Once you find out what your following responds best to, you can keep putting out similar content to keep engagement up. 




In order to get maximum engagement on your posts, some trial and error will be necessary. Keep trying different things until you see growth on your social media and be patient! With genuine content and a desire to build relationships, you will find some level of improvement with your online efforts.