Uncategorized August 11, 2020

Make these 3 changes to your social media!


The only consistency in social media is that there will always be changes. As a user of social media platforms, part of your job is staying on top of those changes in order to keep a successful account running. One of the best ways to achieve this is by implementing core practices ahead of time. Sound stressful? Don’t worry! Keep reading to learn about three simple ways to change your social media account without spending too much time or money! 



Experiment with new forms of content on different social media platforms and see which ones work best accordingly. For example, Facebook is a huge advocate for video content. If you aren’t already, try creating more video content for your Facebook accounts in order to appeal to the algorithm. Another example is Instagram Stories. Make an effort to put out more Stories on Instagram to prove you know how to use the platform. By using social media platforms the way they are intended to be used, your account will get secret ‘brownie’ points. AI will put your posts at the top of the newsfeed and will suggest your account to new people. If you get used to these things sooner rather than later, you’ll be well prepared for whatever changes come your way! 



A good way to better your social media accounts is to see how your audience responds to your content. Whether you’re trying something new or putting out the same kind of content you always have, it’s a good idea to monitor your engagements. Look at how many likes, comments, shares, views, etc. each post gets. This will let you know exactly what your audience thinks of what you put out. Once you start to get a good idea of the engagement each kind of post gets, you’ll be able to create content that follows those patterns. Your social media pages will then be stacked full of good, engaging content that your audience loves! 



The necessity of having a large following on your social media accounts can be debated. However, it is infinitely better to have 100 followers who continuously engage with your content than 100,000 followers that ignore you. While navigating through your social media accounts, try to go a bit beyond just posting every few days. Respond to comments and start conversations with people to build genuine relationships. By showing your interest in others, you prove yourself to be a real, caring person. The favor is much more likely to be returned if you make the first move! 




A lot of good could come from implementing even one or two of the ideas listed above. Give each of them a try and see what works best for you!