Main Blog May 11, 2020

Best Places to Live near St. Petersburg

A lot of people are moving to the area we live in and if you’re reading this article you might just be one of them, or at least someone looking to relocate from one area within the area to another. The different neighborhoods and cities around St. Petersburg fit together like puzzle pieces, each a little bit different from the others but when you understand how it all fits together you realize just how unique this area is, especially given that is is a peninsula, but packs everything from world-class beaches to a modern downtown with historic buildings from generations ago just down the road.

The appeal to this area is more than what is here though, it’s the combination of elements that bring everyone together and create a certain vibe. Everyone from artists to business people and everyone in between has their place in St. Pete, depending on the neighborhood. This article will talk about places to live near St. Petersburg because most of these are not technically in St. Pete but closely surrounding areas and cities.

St. Pete Beach

Who doesn’t want to live closer to the beach? In 2019 St. Pete Beach was rated #4 on Trip Advisor as Best Beach in the entire US maintaining its usual spot among the top 5 as it has in past years. I would say that being in the top 5 routinely is something to be proud of. St. Pete Beach is a combination of small hotels that have been around for decades as well as huge 5-star resorts located directly on the beach.

What you notice right away is how different St. Pete Beach is from St. Petersburg. It is literally a whole different city – Both in municipality and vibe. You’ll notice many people that live here seem to be on permanent vacation with locals hanging out regularly at the local beach bars and restaurants. Things just move a bit slower here and no one seems to mind. Are you ready to move to St. Pete Beach yet? For a little more convincing, take a Virtual Tour of a recently listed property and envision your future!


Similar to St. Pete Beach, Gulfport is its own city separate from St. Pete. What was once a small fishing village has turned into an artsy town with a local feel. The downtown area consists of restaurants, bars, art shops, and a variety of other establishments. There are many people that take pride in the fact that they live in this funky town. I think that saying from Portland “Keep Portland Weird” would also apply to Gulfport.
It’s a bit of a weird city with some residents that fit right in. If you want a glimpse into the local’s lifestyle be sure to check out their local Facebook group.

If you’re looking to live somewhere with a small-town vibe Gulfport may be perfect for you. This waterfront town has plenty to keep you occupied but if that’s not enough the beaches and St. Pete are only a short drive away. If this sounds exciting, take a virtual tour of our recently listed properties in Gulfport.





Downtown St. Pete

It is amazing how rapidly this city has changed over recent years. Everyone wants to live downtown but unfortunately, not everyone can afford it, as the demand for both rental and residential property has skyrocketed. Wherever you decide to live downtown, you won’t have to go too far. DTSP (Downtown St. Pete) is all packed into about 1 square mile. The area surrounding Beach Drive is going to be by far the most expensive, but since it’s all so condensed, it makes sense to live a little bit further away to get more value.

If you’re looking to be right in the action then Downtown is for you. There are pre-existing homes as well as plenty of new construction in the works. Ready to see what the fuss is all about? Take a virtual tour of 6020 SShore Boulevard, one of our recent listings on a tremendous property located in the heart of Downtown St. Pete.

Tierra Verde

Located just off the southern tip of Pinellas County exists the tropical paradise known as Tierra Verde. The series of islands and mangroves is a great choice for people that love the island lifestyle without being completely disconnected from the mainland. Tierra Verde is considered to be part of the unincorporated locations in Pinellas County which means services default to the county rather than the city.

If you live in Tierra Verde, you have to embrace the boating lifestyle. Since residents live on a series of islands, there are many homes that are located directly on the water with their own private docks. Even if you don’t want to deal with the maintenance of a boat or you find a home that isn’t on the water, you can still experience the salt life. Ready to take a closer look with a Virtual Tour?

Treasure Island

Featuring a little over 3 miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches along the Gulf Coast, Treasure Island has a laid back atmosphere and truly is a local treasure that gives you a peaceful lifestyle, yet you’ll still have convenient access to all the spots that make Pinellas great.

The Treasure Island neighborhoods feature many mansions, condos, and there’s definitely the “wow factor” when you tell people you live in Treasure Island. Need to know what the excitement is? Take a Virtual Tour of a tremendous Treasure Island property that we recently listed.

Despite its wide appeal and neighboring tourist destinations, Treasure Island is a quiet area compared to the bordering towns. If living in a luxurious area surrounded by some of the hottest destinations in Pinellas interests you, check out our