Uncategorized February 28, 2020

Your listing presentation should…


Marketing is a huge part of the real estate process. Although everyone does it differently, having some form of marketing for your clients is a must. Marketing a listing provides you with some statistics to show the client. Plus, it shows your knowledge in that area, as well as your desire to go above and beyond for them! Your material has the potential to secure you a deal! So how should you present your method of marketing for your client’s listing? Keep reading to find out! 



The best place to start in your listing presentation is with the actual market. If you know where you’re directing your material, you can adjust accordingly. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to send a $3,000,000 listing postcard to an area that averages $250,000 a house! Understand the location you’re marketing to and figure out how you want to proceed. Come up with several different methods and try them out! Each demographic may respond differently. After a few trials runs, you’ll (hopefully!) find the right method for the given area. After achieving this, you’ll be able to better help your clients market their homes successfully. 



After doing your research and getting to know the area, you should have a marketing plan in place. Part of your presentation to the client will cover this plan! You’ll have the opportunity to share your strategy, offer past statistics, and have an open discussion about their needs. If possible, put together something that demonstrates your past experiences when executing the marketing plan. This may help the client decide how they want to progress! Find a way to display your plan so that it’s easy to follow. Remember – even though you might be a “marketing genius,” your client might not be! 



Another great thing to have in a listing presentation is example marketing material. This would be any kind of print out, email, social media post, or ad that you made for a past listing. These pieces don’t just show past stats; they give the client tangible proof that you know what you’re doing! If you have the time and resources, you can come with both a previous listing piece AND an empty template for the client! Then, you can work together to create something that meets their needs. Not feeling creative? Reach out to someone that can help you execute the vision well!




At the end of the day, a listing presentation is for the client. Think about what you would want to see from a real estate agent and try to apply it! Be sure to listen to the client’s concerns and find a way to satisfy their marketing needs. By the end, you could have a sold house and a happy customer!