Uncategorized February 11, 2020

Let’s Get Personal!


Platforms like Facebook and Instagram operate pretty differently. Instagram is great for posting those aesthetically pleasing pics from your weekend trip. Facebook keeps everyone involved and chatting. One thing these sites have in common, though, is their preference for user-generated content. Entertainment and connecting are the primary goals of social media. The best way to play into the meta of social media is by getting personal – even on your business page. So what are some simple ways to achieve this? Keep reading to find out more! 



The most important aspect of a social media profile is the fact that it highlights you – the user! This is why the platforms favor unique, personalized content above anything else. Even from your business page, it’s important to put out content that includes you. In your pictures, videos, and even in the captions, find ways to include yourself. After all, you’re the reason people like or follow your page! Less helpful content would include anything that seems generic or impersonal. Posts that highlight articles, include generic, stock-photo images, or simple text posts are usually less effective than personalized ones. Try to think outside of the box and find ways to post about yourself instead! 



Especially on Facebook, video is quickly becoming one of the most favored forms of content online. Using only your phone, you, the user, can easily create your own videos with limited effort required! Record a video directly from your phone to post, or utilize the features the platforms have to offer. For example, Instagram Stories are a wonderful place to put quick and to the point videos. Plus, videos are a wonderful way to personalize your page! Try making videos where you talk about or show off something that’s important to you. This could mean a short discussion on an article you read, a video of you at the beach, or a fun band you saw downtown! Regardless of what the subject matter is, give video a try and have fun with it! 



This might sound strange, but posting too much about business can actually be a bad thing. Even if you do all of the personalization in the world, too much content about real estate can turn into what we can, ‘white noise.’ People, and the AI for the social media platform, will start to ignore your posts! This might result in less engagement, the loss of followers, and fewer people seeing your content. To avoid this, we recommend following the ‘80-20 Rule.’ This means 80% of your content is about you, and 20% is about your business. Even on your business page, this is an extremely important concept to strive towards! Try posting less about business and more about you and see how the response changes! 




When it comes down to it, social media success is directly tied to what you post. Hopefully, you’re posting about yourself! That’s the number one way to increase your engagement and widen your reach on social media. Just be yourself and have fun!