Uncategorized February 7, 2020

Brand Consistency


A great way to establish your business is by keeping your brand uniform. Companies work toward brand consistency in order to become associated with certain sounds and visuals. In your own business, establishing your brand will help you stick out in the real estate world! Want to know some easy ways to accomplish brand consistency? Keep reading! 



One of the most important components of brand consistency is color. Just like Target is known for the red and khaki uniforms, you want to have specific colors that people will associate you with! Try to find a few colors to adopt into your branding. The goal is to use these on your social media pages, your websites, and any other form of content your audience will see. This way, people will think of you or remember your business when they see those same colors out in the real world. 



Another great way to keep your brand the same is by using the same font sets. Whether you’re creating content for print or the internet, try to keep the style of your text the same! Even though it may seem trivial, the aesthetic of unvarying content actually makes a huge difference. It shows professionalism, care, and organization. Look into some fonts and find something that you feel best represents you! If possible, though, avoid the more ‘playful’ fonts and go with something that shows a little class. Visual appeal goes a long way! 



Try using photos with the same color themes for your website and social media posts! Following the same idea from before, color association is an awesome tool for branding. Plus, coordinating the colors and themes of your pictures gives your brand an aesthetic boost. Take Instagram, for example. Everything on that platform is about sharing ‘artistic’ content in a way that’s unique to you. By keeping the colors and themes of your images consistent, you automatically have the upper hand. Look for images that match your branding and use those for your pages! Also, try taking more pictures and videos that coincide with your brand. 




Most of branding comes down to the visual, or aesthetic, appeal. Play around with different colors, themes, and fonts to see what works best for the brand you want to create! At the end of the day, your brand should represent you. Keep it consistent and have fun! 



Pictures from ajlamoonlight.com