Uncategorized January 23, 2020

Should I text my clients?


Communicating with your clients is an extremely important aspect of real estate. Emails are a classic tool for sending information and updates, but the times are changing. Now, many clients are looking for an agent that can be contacted in other ways. Want to learn more about some good ones?


According to Facebook, more than 20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and potential clients on Facebook Messenger every month. For real estate agents, Facebook Messenger is an incredible tool to get leads, stay in touch, and increase your online reach. Users with a business page can run ads to generate messages, which populate within Messenger. Curious parties can also message you from your page, business or personal, to chat about a listing. If you have a Facebook account already, you’re automatically set up for this messaging platform. If not, we recommend you get cracking! Facebook Messanger is a quick and easy way to stay in touch with your clients and reach out to new ones. Using it is a great way to increase your chances of growing your business!



Similar to Facebook Messanger, Instagram DM’s, or Direct Messages, are a fantastic way to contact your clients. Within the Instagram app, DM’s are accessible through Stories, when a post is shared, or from the DM section itself. Instagram Stories, one of our favorite features from Instagram, are a great tool to get more direct messages. To do this, try posting a picture, video, or including some interactive stickers on your Story. Your followers can then respond to the Story, which then populates the response permanently in the DM’s – even after the Story has expired! Instagram DM’s open the door to leads, transactions, and a more established presence on social media. 



Another classic way to talk to your clients is through text messaging. Although it may seem obvious, this feature should not be forgotten! Text messaging is quick, easy, and direct. Busy clients might not have time to jump on a phone call or write out an email. Through texting, responses can be brief and to the point, saving both you and the client a lot of hassle. Remember to check your messages and respond in a timely manner to show your clients of their importance. Neglecting their questions or comments could put you on a fast track to a lost listing! 




In the modern business world, many clients are looking for someone to meet them on their level. Look for opportunities to get on different platforms to make their lives a bit easier! Even if their preferred method of communication is different than yours, it’s a good thing to show your flexibility. Jump on these three platforms to open more doors and, hopefully, get more sales!