Uncategorized January 10, 2020

Should you fight Facebook?


Facebook is an incredible tool for growth in your business online! Using Facebook, you have the opportunity to increase the size of your audience, get your name out on social media, and run ads to sell more! Want to know how it works? Keep reading to find out! 


THE 80 – 20 RULE

First and foremost, Facebook is a platform intended for entertainment. Look for ways to meet this standard by posting personalized content! Even on your business page, find opportunities to post about yourself and what you’re up to. This could mean posting about where you went for lunch, your favorite local shop, or the fun beach day you just had! Still confused about how much you should be posting? Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, investor, and CEO has come up with the solution. Try to follow the 80 – 20 Rule on your social media! 80% of your content should be personalized and about you, while the other 20% can be about your business. Think of it as a “punch, punch, right-hook” kind of method. By following the 80 – 20 rule, you’ll be less likely to become white noise to your followers and keep them excited about you! 



A great way to stay accessible and increase your reach on Facebook is by running both a personal and a business page! When clients are searching for you online, they’ll have a higher chance of getting connected with one of these accounts. Plus, you can use your personal page as a litmus test for your business! Try different kinds of posts and forms of media on your personal page and find out what works best. Then, create similar content for your business page! This will help you find out what posts may be worth boosting as ads, which are only available on business pages. Facebook has other features that are only accessible with business accounts, like Facebook events and ad campaigns. Consider making both accounts to double your possibility of success with social media!



Facebook ads are a wonderful tool to grow your presence on social media. Ads can generate page likes, encouraging direct messaging, show off listings, and more! Because Facebook ads can only be run from a business page, it’s important to have one set up and ready to run. One of the things we tell our agents here at RE/MAX Metro is to run an ad to get page likes in order to increase your audience. Then, you can create ad campaigns and boost posts according to the result you want to reach. The process can be lengthy and confusing, but it’s worth taking the time to understand! Plus, your in-house RE/MAX Metro Tech Team is always here to lend a hand. Take advantage of the tools you have and grow your business!



Agents can find success from many different kinds of social media methods. Try them out and see what sticks! And with Facebook, you get back what you put in. Your results will show for the work you do!