Uncategorized December 19, 2019

Staying Ahead of a Shifting Market


The real estate market rarely stays the same for too long. For the agent, it’s necessary to stay updated on what’s going on in the market in order to keep sales and activity up! Tina Herrell, one of RE/MAX Metro’s top agents, shared some of her tips on how she stays ahead of the shifting real estate market!



Success in real estate is dependant on how well you know and understand your clients’ needs! As a result, agents should have some kind of idea about what their clients are looking for in a real estate purchase. Knowing this, Tina likes to stay up to date on what’s moving in there area. Every day, she enters the zipcodes she normally works into the MLS and spends some time reviewing the homes being purchased. She takes note of what’s being sold, what’s pending, and what’s new on the market. She also observes the square footage price of the area and any price drops. This helps her stay up to speed on with everything going on in the local area! 



Similarly to Tina’s previous tip, agents have to keep an eye on where the market is moving! Look at the communities you’re working and see what’s going on within them. If a home isn’t selling, you may have to find a new way to market it! This would mean doing research on where the direction of the community is heading to see what buyers may be looking for in that area. Since the market is constantly changing, make sure you stay up to date on it so that you stay on top! 



Because not everyone will be able to move in immediately, make sure you can help buyers figure out alternative options for their newly purchased home! Rentals are a wonderful way to bring in some extra income if the owner is unable to move in for a while. School yourself on what Airbnb and rentals need to be successful! Find out the city’s rental restrictions and make some connections with people who can help set up Airbnb homes. These ways, clients who can’t move in or who have multiple homes can make a little money on the side. Your knowledge in these areas will not only help you to stay ahead, but will make you a valuable source of information!



The best way to stay ahead of the continuously changing market is by keeping yourself knowledgable on the areas your selling! Know what options your clients have and find new ways to make deals happen. When the market changes, don’t get lost in the transition – lead the way!


Tina Herrell, Top RE/MAX Metro Agent