Uncategorized December 19, 2019

Should my client be my BFF?


Clients are the backbone of your business in real estate. While it’s true that clients can provide you with a paycheck, they want to be treated as more! If you pour into your clients, they’ll pour back into you. Want to know the best ways to achieve this kind of relationship? Joseph Romanik, one of RE/MAX Metro’s top agents, shared some of his tips on how he builds and maintains client loyalty!



Give your clients the attention and care they deserve! Keep communications open and be accessible to suit their needs. Even after the transaction is complete, your willingness to talk with and support your clients will make a world of difference! Go above and beyond to satisfy their needs and maintain professionalism. At the end of the day, your efforts to provide the best customer service possible could be the deciding factor in getting a referral or more of their business. 



Separate yourself from the pack; be a fresh, helpful source of information for your clients! Utilize tools and connections to share your knowledge with others. Joey recommends using social media to reach this goal! Record personalized videos, talk about interesting articles, or share your favorite books and podcasts to add value to your page. Look for other ways to convey good information with your clients to keep them coming back for more! 



As obvious as it may seem, your clients want to be treated well! Try to make connections with your clients outside of the industry by finding out what they like to do. This will help create a genuine, trusting relationship! Not every client is going to feel like ‘BFF’ material, but they do want to feel comfortable with you! When making recommendations to friends or looking to make another real estate transaction, they’ll refer back to the agent that treated them with respect and authenticity. Make sure that person is you! 



When it comes down to it, your clients just want to feel like a priority. Do what you can to convey their importance through your actions, work ethic, and conversations! Even though it takes a little extra time and effort, the loyalty you’ll receive will make it all worth it! 



Joseph Romanik, Top RE/MAX Metro Agent