Uncategorized November 15, 2019

The Definition of iBuying


You may have heard the term “iBuying” before. iBuyers have the ability to use technology to make an instant offer on a home. So what does this mean for the buyers and sellers?  Keep reading for a closer look into the world of iBuying!



Normal real estate transactions often take a lot of patience. The buying and selling process tends to be lengthy! Buyers are frequently caught searching for the perfect home, which means plenty of home visits and inspections. Sellers are commonly waiting for the right buyer with the right asking price. With iBuying, both buyers and sellers have the ability to work the entire transaction from the comfort of their own home! Walk-throughs and offers can be completed online at any time. With iBuying, the whole transaction can come to an end in a matter of days! 



There’s lots of finality in buying and selling homes. However, iBuying has plenty of flexibility to meet any changes you need! The time frames are completely adjustable to match up with your schedule. If the seller needs a little extra time after the transaction is completed, iBuying allows for that possibility. Flexibility in transactions allows the buyer and seller to feel in control and comfortable. 



This increased level of comfort can be invaluable to sellers. With common real estate transactions, there’s always a possibility that the deal will fall through. Mortgages can be rejected and appraisals may come in too low. But with iBuying, the sale is almost always final. Buyers are also able to send inspectors to check for any necessary renovations. The confidence goes both ways in iBuying – which helps to put all minds at ease in a fairly stressful ordeal! 



The primary appeal of iBuying is the quick and simple nature of the transaction. But the additional level of accommodation and certainty that goes along with it is a definite bonus! Hopefully, iBuying will help make the entire buying process easier for all!