Uncategorized October 21, 2019

A top agent’s guide to maintaining a good sphere of influence!


Making the right impression is always important in business. Whether it’s meeting new people or staying in touch with others, relationships are a vital part of building a quality network. So what are the best ways to maintain good relationships while cultivating new ones? Top agent Chris Hounchell shared some tips on how he manages a good Sphere of Influence! 


“There’s very little as powerful as physical face time when trying to build a quality network.” – Chris Hounchell



It’s easy to get excited or passionate about your business in conversation. And that’s a great place to be! People love to celebrate the things you care about. However, people don’t like being ‘sold-to.’ While talking to groups about your business, be sure to avoid the sales-pitch kind of conversation. If you work only to educate them on who you are and what you’re about, you’ll be more likely to maintain a relationship with that person – and possibly develop a lead! 



Networking events are the perfect place to get connected with people. Go out of your way to shake hands and meet new people! A good Sphere of Influence is dependent on establishing connections. Chris recommends Flash Networking; get in, make an impression, and Irish goodbye your way onto the next event!



The concept of reciprocity is an important one to remember. Sometimes, giving time, energy, or even money is necessary to develop and maintain your relationships. However, positive actions are often repaid! Look for ways to serve your community and the people in it. You’ll be surprised to see the effects of your efforts! In doing this, you’ll receive new and improved friendships, connections, and even business! 



Although time-consuming, the rewards from your activity in the community make it completely worth your while! After all, a good Sphere of Influence is reliant on people. Always look for ways to converse, interact, and serve others! Through this, you’ll find yourself rooted in a community of people just as passionate and dedicated as you. So get out there and make some connections!







Chris Hounchell, Top RE/MAX Metro Agent