Uncategorized October 9, 2019

Creating Better Video Content with Your Phone!

Video is quickly becoming one of the most favored forms of content on social media. Luckily, you don’t need an entire team of videographers to get some good content for your own pages! It’s now easier than ever to take a quick video with your phone and share it with your friends and family. Improving your engagements is where it starts to become a bit difficult. Our suggestion? Improve the quality of your video with a few simple tips and tricks!


Although cameras are a wonderful way to take high-quality videos, they are oftentimes expensive and difficult to use. By providing your phone with a few extra pieces of equipment, you can mimic the quality of a camera for a fraction of the price! People are much more likely to engage with videos that look and sound good. Mountable lenses, microphones, and detachable stands are great tools for upping the quality of your video.


Another way to achieve this is by stabilizing the shot. How many times have you seen a Facebook video that you wanted to watch, but couldn’t enjoy because of how shaky it was? This issue can be immediately resolved with a miniature tripod! Not only does it eliminate an unsettled shot, but it allows you to film solo – no assistance from a friend is required! Whether positioned on a nearby desk or held at arm’s length, a tripod for your phone is the perfect way to keep your video playing smooth.


Even though the majority of smartphones have microphones already built in, they tend to have a few areas that need improving. An external mic usually reduces the amount of wind picked up in the recording. Limiting background noise works wonders for audio! Plus, you can point external mics in the direction of your source. There are many different kinds of microphones out there for smartphones, so shop around for the one that works best for you!


Utilizing your phone for video is perfect for communicating a genuine message to your audience. Overly advanced production can sometimes come across as aggressive and unengaging – not to mention the budget it often requires! Mastering video with your phone takes less time, less money, and less effort. Try using some of these tips to improve your video experience with ease!


Listed below are some of our favorite add-ons for smartphones:

Mini Tripod
Phone Clamp