Easy Curb Appeal Tips for Florida

Attract Vacationing Buyers with These Tips

The time of year when out-of-state buyers come to Florida to buy a piece of our tropical paradise is almost here, and it is time to prepare your home for a quick sale. Follow my tips to make your home stand out from the curb and instantly draw in buyers from snowier states.

1. Amp up your tropical foliage

A little bit of landscaping goes a long way. Florida has many gorgeous native plants with massive curb appeal, and a well-chosen selection of low-maintenance plants keeps your house looking lavish without much effort. Choose high-impact varieties that are sure to wow out-of-state buyers: Bird of Paradise, Elephant Ear, and palm varieties all give off a distinctly tropical vibe.

2. Be Careful with the Nautical

Don't scare off potential buyers at the front door with a menagerie of sailboats and dolphins--however, a few seaside touches here and there are a welcome reminder of the location. Make sure that manatee mailbox looks like a charming accent to the outside of your house and not one item in a massive nautical collection. The outside of your house sets the tone for what will be inside, and you want to convey an open, clean, neutral space that is not cluttered; store the seashell garland and lawn alligators away until after the house is sold.

3. Highlight outdoor enjoyment

We have been enjoying such gorgeous weather this winter, but most of the country is freezing! Take advantage of your paradise location and create an inviting space on your front porch to sit and kick back in the 80 degree air. Your buyers will be begging to buy your home, leave the snow, and enjoy a glass of wine and a good book on the porch of their new digs.

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