The Wedding - Head and Heel Ranch

She was born a “country girl”.  Lived on “the farm” – several oak shaded acres in Ocala.  There were horses, dogs, horses, huge pond and waterfall, horses, chickens and did I mention horses. What a magical place to grow up.


The announcement came:  Samantha Elizabeth Wilson and Jared Simpkins were going to be married. Head and Heel Ranch in Brooksville, moss-draped oaks, pastures, classy bunk house, fun and charming saloon and lots of other surprises – like calf roping (mechanical) and a rodeo! Magical place. Owners Wayne and Debbie Benedict have been childhood friends – no,” family” of the Wilson’s and welcomed the wedding.  The day was beautiful.  

The ceremony took place outside – the bride was gorgeous right down to her fancy beige and white boots (I really wanted her to wear red boots!)  Everyone had so much fun – bar-b-que dinner, dancing, games and lots of “visiting!” Her dream come true. Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bill had a great time . . . and I know Gamma would have too – she would be so proud of her precious SamE.  What a magical wedding.  Happy, happy new life Sam and Jared.  We love you bunches!

Sandy Bozeman

Sandy Bozeman

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