My Home Remodel - Journal - Part 2


“Well Sandy, It's going to be a huge mess and we need access to the whole place. Dust will be everywhere, you really don’t want to ruin your things!”

Okay, so I knew this was coming, but what do I do to prepare?!

Hannah, I'll call Hannah! She helps run Smart Move Moving. She was so calm and reassuring. "It won’t be as difficult as you think Sandy."  

Ha! -  "We have soooo much stuff . . . "

Then the second realization, This is the perfect time to purge and purge and throw out and give away and, and, and...  I started to feel like one of those chefs on Chopped – 5,4,3,2,1 time is up!

The third realization... Where do we go with two dogs for at least a month?!

Thankfully my high school and bestest Martie Wood and her sister Barb Patton came to the rescue! They suggested we move to Barb’s charming “second” home in North Pinellas– How wonderful of them! How perfect!  

So we're loving our home away from home.  And we're loving Barb and Martie too for their generous kindness!

Can't wait to check in and see how the remodeling is going... I'll keep you posted with Part 3, coming soon! - Thanks for reading.

Sandy Bozeman

Sandy Bozeman

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