My Home Remodel - Journal - Part 1

My husband and I decided it was finally time to tackle doing some remodeling on our home in the Jungle. The flooring, carpet, and tile, are 18 years old and over the years we've had many puppies and family four-legged friends visit... You get the picture, it's time for the flooring to go!

My Wants:

  • Look like coquina stone
  • Be very durable and not porous

We ran into our friend Ric Yancey who said a rep stopped by last week and showed him a new product that he thought I had to see. I went and saw it and WOW, I fell in love!  Hard to describe, but it looks like the water swirling around your toes at the beach with a hint of shells – sand color with movement. It's perfect!

Now we were ready for the construction to begin. One thing that always made me crazy about our home was the 70's style sunken living room. Replacing the tile was the perfect opportunity to finally address the sunken living room.

The living room concrete pour had only one issue, – The concrete must “cure” for at least a month!

So what else needs renovating... We decided to take out the tub in master and put in a shower. We put a new vanity in master and while we are at it put new counters in master bath.

The new counters looked so good, we decided why not do all baths and oh heck the kitchen too!  

I am too old for this to be” mid life crisis” . . .Feeling like a juggler making choices, getting everything and everybody coordinated.  

Finally the big day for the concrete pour – it was fascinating.  Plumber disconnecting everything, Counters going in. Dust everywhere!

Now for the new vanity in master – cabinet taken out and OOOPS! We find a pin hole leak in plumbing in the wall  This delayed us for a few days getting it fixed. Thank goodness we are doing this who knows what a bigger mess it could have been!

The other thing about remodeling is buying new furniture for the new living room and while at it some new pieces for guest bedroom.  

Next is DEMO DAY for the flooring and then install – will keep updated on progress and drama.

Where has my husband been for all the excitement?  He is out looking for a new laundry tub/cabinet . .

My babies Teasie and Summer love running on the concrete floor in living room and leaving paw prints everywhere!  Weren’t we supposed to be on Anna Maria enjoying fall???

Oh I forgot we are hosting the Bucketeer Fall Party!  

Thanks for reading part 1 of my remodeling  journal. Stay tuned for more updates and photos everything as it comes together!

Sandy Bozeman

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