It's funny how much joy you can get out of simple things. For a short time my backyard in St. Petersburg Jungle neighborhood played home to a new family of wrens.

Mr. and Mrs. Wren set up residence in my “not currently used” wall fountain. They were tireless in making the perfect home with a side entrance door.  After a few days, all was quiet except for morning and evening meals that Mr. Wren brought home.  If I dared to venture near, Mr. Wren would sing and dart about.  

After about 2 weeks, the activity picked up – non stop back and forth with yummy bugs and worms – ha ha we have babies! With the side entrance nest I could not hear little peeps, but I knew what was going on.  It was so exciting to watch all of the activity then one morning, after about 2 weeks, I opened the sliding doors to check progress and, to my delight saw 4 babies perched on the edge of the fountain. Well, with my intrusion, everyone was all aflutter. I quickly ducked back in.  By late morning Mrs. Wren had encouraged the babies to fly to the back India Hawthorn hedge. By early evening they were no longer in my yard. Sadder than sad and very blue  . . . .I'll miss my little feathered family.

Sandy Bozeman

Sandy Bozeman

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