How to get the Best Real Estate Photos

Do you need great real estate listing photos?
By Steven Kovich (

First things first…  I’m a professional photographer who has been shooting architecture for over 25 years, so my totally biased advice is for you to use a professional photographer if you can.  Remember you are a marketing professional!  Your clients are paying you very well for your services and you owe them the best possible “image” (pun intended) you can provide.  We all know that photography can make or break a listing. That being said, sometimes there is not a budget to pay a professional photographer.  I’m going to share some tips and some apps that can make it a little easier for you to use your phone to capture your own images.  Frankly, you can get some pretty awesome photos with your phone. 

Here are a few obvious tips;  
High-resolution photos.  Save the high-rez images, and re-size them as needed for whatever the use of the photo is.
Light, bright, and airy. Keep them light and bright, no one likes dark dreary room shots.
Sharp, crisp, and clear.  Keep them sharp and clean, try to keep the areas you’re shooting free of unneeded clutter.
Engaging views and angles.  Find the best angles and views of your interior and exterior shots.  Sometimes a low angle is more impressive and can make the room or exterior look larger.  I almost never shoot from eye level.  Find interesting details, and find angles that create a good composition.  
Click here for tips on some great apps to try out!  
I hope this helps you in those situations when a professional photographer (me) isn’t an option.
Thanks for checking out my article. If you need to get in touch with me for more advice or to hire to shoot really great photos for you, feel free to contact me anytime. Until next time, happy snapping!
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