From the Desk of Rick Brown - Welcome our Newest Employee Sallie Colaco

Welcome Our Newest Employee to the Metro Team












Sallie Colaco has recently joined our RE/MAX Metro Team as VP, Corporate Counsel/Compliance Officer. Her role will include overseeing the company's lawful and ethical practices, developing a compliance and risk management plan for all employees, and identifying potential legal risks within the company. Sallie will be a support and resource to all employees moving forward and her responsibility is to protect and advice the company legally. 

Sallie makes her way to us with her husband by way of Kansas City, MO. She was born in North Carolina and graduated from Wake Forest Law School. She has an extensive law background building her resume as legal counsel for several large companies, including Sprint, Ferrall Gas, and Fidelity National Title Insurance. She also worked for Resolution Trust Corporation, a quasi governmetal agency, working on dispositions and national property auctions. She also established the affordable housing program for RTC. These are just a few of Sallie's many creditials within the legal field. Upon her being hired Rick said,

I am very pleased to welcome Sallie to our team. She is very qualified and I am confident in her abilities. 

Welcome Sallie to the RE/MAX Metro family. We are so happy you are here. 
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