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David Vann -

Real Estate Agent,

Bandman, and Family Man

Agent favorite David Vann of The Vann Team, came to St. Pete via Nashville by way of Charlotte, NC over 12 years ago. He graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in Physics and attained a Master’s Degree in Engineering from prestigious Vanderbilt University. David has been professionally very successful for many years, partly because of his expertise and precision, but also because of his Southern charm. David joined RE/MAX Metro from a previous career in sales of industrial capital engineering and software equipment. His interest in the real estate industry stemmed from his strong desire to run his own business and the endless possibilities within the field. He found his home at RE/MAX Metro in 2008 because he found it to be a "great place to work with professional colleagues, a great boss, and a great broker". Since his arrival he has positively changed the lives of many homeowners in the Tampa Bay community.

For this month’s issue we wanted to know, how does David cope with the demands of being a competitive real estate agent in the St. Petersburg area as well as a devoted family man. With his kids going back to school we wanted to know if there was any advice he had about the balance he maintains in his career and his home. His answer:


“Work/life balance in real estate requires discipline, creativity, and flexibility..... when possible.”

When he isn’t selling properties or helping families purchasing their dream homes, David coaches his kids' baseball team. He is a board member of the Northeast Little League. He was a speaker at 2015 Engage St. Pete, and was a 2014 graduate of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce’s “Leadership St. Pete”. In addition to that very full resume he is also the lead guitarist and vocalist for his cover band called, Midlife Crisis.



His band Midlife Crisis was formed about 6 months ago. David got involved with playing through his church, St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Snell Isle. He had some acquaintances who thought he had the talent to be a part of the group. Once he joined, the fun soared. The band plays rock ‘n’ roll, some country, and they hope to incorporate more blues in their repertoire. Recently they played in downtown St. Pete at Reno Downtown Joint and Alvin’S Lounge, both just around the corner from the downtown Metro office.



We asked David, “If he could play with any other band, which would it be? And what is his favorite venue?” His answer:


“Led Zeppelin, Zac Brown Band, or maybe Cake."

As for for his favorite venue:


“Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN.”


We asked David about his other many recreational activities and naturally he shared with us how he spends time with his kids. He loves to swim, cookout, play sports, but David mostly loves to play baseball. He is the little league coach, but also enjoys tossing it around with them in the yard. David is a happy dad who loves spending time with his family whenever he gets a free moment. His time management and discipline have given him the freedom to do so.



We asked David about being a real estate agent at Metro, such as what are some of the things he enjoys about not only the industry, but also the company culture. He responded by saying:


“I like the limitless opportunity and the great potential to grow your business. Thanks to fellow agents and exceptional management, ‘we’ are able to provide the best, most creative, most accurate answers to our clients’ needs. [In the industry] I like the breadth of opportunity - commercial, property management, residential, condo, etc.”

We wanted to know where he thought the industry in St. Petersburg might be going, to which he responded:

“.... continued new construction development, pricing out of nearby neighborhoods [downtown St. Pete, Snell Isle, Old Northeast], and more movement to the Northern parts of the city.”

In conclusion, we discovered what we had already suspected, David is truly a well-rounded man. He is a leader in the real estate community, an asset to the company, a good friend, and of course the backbone of his family. Our final question to David was, “If you could tell your 18 year old self anything, what would it be.” His reply:

“Nothing I would have understood at that time.”

Well said sir. Well said. Until next time Metro family.


***If you would like to nominate a fellow agent for the upcoming October issue of The Metro Times, please submit your agent and the reason for the nomination by Wednesday, September 9th by 5pm. We will take into consideration all submissions.***


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