Foodie Spotlight: Souzou

Is the foodie inside you looking for a new meal to try­­­­ Slated to open June 22, Souzou is a unique Asian fusion restaurant coming to the Downtown St. Petersburg area. None of the meals will exceed $22 with most of the dishes being in the $10 to $12 range. Co-owner Patrick Marston says Asian food is the second-fastest-growing cuisine, right behind Mexican.

And although downtown has seen many Asian restaurants from Japanese to Thai to Vietnamese, this restaurant will be more upscale and larger. The establishment will be located at 435 Fifth Ave. N.

Downtown St. Petersburg is always experiencing new developments and new restaurants to enjoy. And you can enjoy all of this fun and excitement just a few blocks away from home in the historic uptown district of St. Petersburg.

The historic uptown district offers near-downtown living without the downtown price.­

Don’t miss out Souzou’s opening night, it’s sure to be an adventure for your tastebuds.



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