Why the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation is different:

A majority of cancer research focuses on adult treatments and is done within the walls of individual institutions. In contrast, we fund clinical trials and collaborate with a network of cutting-edge hospitals across the nation to fast track less-toxic, more targeted treatments.

This is all to increase the survival rate of children battling cancer.

Learn about them:

NPCF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer. Our focus is to fund research to fast track less toxic, more targeted treatments by partnering with 23 leading hospitals nationwide.

How can you help?

For 25 years and counting, the NPCF has been the one shining light for children who are fighting cancer. They have donated millions of dollars to research and their clinical trials are yielding amazing discoveries that are saving many children’s lives. See what ground breaking research they are working on now at NationalPCF.org and donate to the cause.


National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Learn about them:

Our vision is to improve the quality of life for youth and teens to become healthy, productive, and responsible citizens. Our mission is to educate, empower and enrich the lives of youth and teens through arts education. ACT adds value to the schools and communities it serves by providing specialized arts programming at a lower cost than the school system would ordinarily pay. ACT offers specific and measurable outcomes especially meaningful to students, families, communities, stakeholders, and a responsive philanthropic community.

Our Impact

100% High School Graduation Rate
90% Higher Education Placement Rate
260 Youth and Teens Served as July 2017
500 Youth and Teens To Serve By Dec 31, 2017
$1000 Annual Cost Per Student
2+ Years Average Student Membership
250 Hours Annual Service Per Student.

All Children's Miracle Network Foundation 

The mission:

The mission of the Foundation is to channel family and community compassion into philanthropic action that addresses the financial needs and the mission of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital through our four tenets: research, education, treatment and advocacy for the children in our care.

Learn about them:

As a non-profit Foundation, we partner with individuals and corporations who share our vision that all children deserve the best pediatric care available. In 1985 the foundation was formed to support the mission of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and to ensure that charitable donations are stewarded directly toward the greatest needs of the hospital and the patients we serve.

Ways to get involved:

There are many ways of getting involved with Johns Hopkins All Childrens Hospital. Simply by volunteering to help assist with the kids and acctivities. host an event, and become a corporate sponsor. Nothing feels better then making a kids smile. Sometimes the smallest things can make their day.

Fundraising Events

Tee off Fore Kids - Golf Tournament

We raised $31,000.00 for charity!


Each year we put on a Charity Golf Event as a company with the help of our agents. After much bidding and many donations from agents and their friends as well as many local sponsors we were so thankful to raise...


We can't wait for next year... Will you join us?