You know you're from Tampa Bay when...

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1. Anything under 65 degrees means taking out your winter coats, snow boots and hats

Don't mock us, part of our charm is our complete inability to deal with the cold. Forget trips to NYC at Christmas, we'll be the ones repeating incessantly to innocent bystanders "I can't believe how cold it is!".

2. You spent Christmas at the beach, or at least finished it off with a cold beer on your porch

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...", "Baby it's cold outside!" and all those other songs? They never saw a Florida winter. This Christmas we were celebrating gifts with a high of 81°, and most of your friends were probably chilling at the beach. Just #FloridaThings.

3. Publix is your home

No for real though, when you move away you realize just how wonderful Publix is. It's like home away from home.

4. You know that you're not from the South...

Because Florida is it's own entity. There is no way of putting Florida in a box, and there is no way people from outside can understand just how wonderful and strange our home is. 

5. Hurricane weather? More like party time!

How could this be any better? Forced to stay home from work (oh no!), your friends will be able to come over and chill with you until the storm passes. Get your ponchos ready because we aren;t afraid to get our feet wet.

6. Everyone knows the cool place to see movies is Cobb Theatre

Just go. It'll be worth it. There's honestly so much happiness in sitting COMFORTABLE on those plush, fluffly seats while watching an awesome blockbuster movie. 

Do you know which neighbourhood represents you best? Take our quiz


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