Social Media Tip #3: Facebook Advertising - Creating an audience

Facebook is a wonderful universe. It is complex, filled with secrets I am discovering every day.

When you create a post, an ad, or want to get your page to be viewed more by specific people, you can CUSTOMIZE YOUR AUDIENCE. This is an essential strategy to ensure your posts are not just going out for example to 15 year olds, or people living in Texas. 



Before you create/choose an audience, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the goal of my post? 
  • Who am I trying to reach?
  • What do I want that person to do with this information? Like my page? Go visit that link? Share it? Comment?



1. Log in to Facebook

2. Have a business page (if you do not have one yet, please tell me! I'll help you set it up)

3. Go to the following link:

4. Click on "Audience Insights"

5. Begin your targeting: 

-> Choose your location: if you want to focus on St. Petersburg, choose that. You could choose to focus on Florida in general, or the entire country if you want! (that wouldn't be too useful). 

-> Choose the age and gender: be strategic, and remember you can always create many other audiences and test each one. Every audience is different depending on your goal!!

-> Interests: this is super interesting if you are posting about something kind of particular that you like, and makes you a likeable person.

Let's take an example: If you are an athlete and posting about your gym routine, go to Fitness and Welness amd choose the category you like best. Or if you love cooking, go to Food and Drink and choose the best category. 

/!\ sometimes it won't help you to be so focused on a detail/interest. When you are trying to get more likes for your page, choosing Fitness and Welness could close certain doors OR it could make sure you get likes from people with whom you are like minded. 

-> Advanced: this is where the fun begins. Remember, the more you focus and hone in on the type of person you want to reach, the less people you're reaching. That doesn't mean it's a bad thing: once again, you don't want a 15 year old to be getting your posts, you'd rather have a 35 year old who loves boating and is moving soon (example).

Let's take an example: go on Financial -> choose their income. Go on Home -> home ownership. This is date Facebook is able to pretty successfully deduce from users, and it's very powerful for you as an agent. You can even choose "Recently moved" in the life events.

6. Save your audience  --- You can use this audience anytime you boost or do an ad, or you should/could create a new one depending on your goal for this ad/post.


7. Create your ad!! 

  • 8. Your ad/post: what are you trying to get from it? We'll talk that in the next Social media tip! For the moment, create a broad audience of people you want to reach with a post/get likes from!




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