Use SavvyCard instead of Zillow mobile app. Make sure your getting correct info!

Zillow and many other real estate website can be a great resource for home buyers, but all to often much of the data they provide is old and incorrect.  There's nothing fun about having to break it to a family that just found the perfect home that the home they love sold six months ago.This is because Zillow does not have a direct link to the MLS. It's also because providing bad data doesn't hurt them when it comes to brings in more page views.But for my clients inaccurate information can waste time, especially when driving around to view homes using Zillows mobile app.

I have a solution: Bookmark my SavvyCard on your phone. SavvyCard was created for mobile users and is directly connected to our local MLS. The data is up-to-the minute and accurate. It also contains a helpful index of local resources and contacts that will become more useful as the home buying process moves forward.



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