Social Media Tip #2: Facebook 101 - the basics

Facebook is one of the platforms that is absolutely essential, it's one of the most basic social media platform you should be working from. 

Here are a few reasons you should be on Facebook and keep it up to date:

  1.  Facebook has great SEO (Search Engine Optimizationsimplified: good SEO = happy Google. Happy Google = good spot when people search for your name/keywords). 
  2. Everyone has Facebook: if you don't, you're less likely to be trusted/called 
  3. Even for free, you can get yourself out there pretty easily through your personal friends. Invite them all to like your page, and make sure your content is worthy.

Some helpful tips:

1. Your personal page and your business page - different 

  • Be careful not to be too promotional on your personal page - people can complain and it won't help you be loved by Facebook.
  • Your business page is obviously about real estate, but it can also be a whole lot about your personal life/lifestyle: your love for boating might attract some tourists, your love for beer, etc.

2. Always post high quality photos/videos:

  • I can't stress this enough. If you're not using a professional photographer,  invest in a good basic camera to post photos - good quality online is the equivalent of your wardrobe/car in terms of branding.
  • Facebook Live is the cool new tool - if you use it, Facebook will reward you by making sure it's seen by lots more people. I'd use it as a behind-the-scenes/intimate way of connecting to your followers. SCARCITY IS KING.

3. Test your advertising/boosting: 

  • When you post something, and want more eyes on it, you can boost it. That means you're putting money into it and Facebook makes sure more people have it come up on their feed. You'll very quickly see if you're posting good content or not (you can pay hundreds for a post and get no response, or $5 for a great post and get lots of attention)

4. Have your information up to date:

  • Your profile picture, header photo, email address, physical address, phone number, website, etc MUST be on your Facebook page. 

For those of you who do not have Facebook yet but want to, please comment and I'll set up a training time for that.

If you have Facebook but want to dive a little deeper in advertising, please tell me and I can help you out with that.