Recent Luxury Marketing Insights on Eco Technology, Social Media for Chinese Clientele, and Event Marketing

Highlights from the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing’s Blog

$18.8 million eco-friendly home on 123.5 acres in Fortunago, Italy.

  • Luxury homes are now utilizing passive solar home design, water conservation techniques, and eco- technology. “Energy efficiency is on most people’s minds these days,” said Jennifer Egbert, a luxury real estate agent based in Boulder, Colorado “so some homeowners are going to great lengths to cut down on their utility bills.”


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  • WeChat’s marketability is growing among foreign Chinese clients.  The app is a free platform to blog and post listings.  It offers virtual tours and broadens communication even with time differences in the Eastern hemisphere. 

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  • Business Insider describes the recent trend in real estate’s international client base. “Brokers in the US can see this shift among their Chinese real-estate clients.”  says Svenja Gudell, the chief economist at real-estate-research site Zillow, told Business Insider. “The Chinese see US real estate as a relatively moderate risk, high-return investment, especially if buyers anticipate further RMB devaluation and market volatility.”
  • Business insider UK also details the importance the popular WeChat app in multimillion dollar sales for Chinese clients.

National Realtors Association


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  • The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing explains why and how event marketing works in the luxury real estate market.  A recent article details key tools such as highlighting lifestyle, partnering with other luxury brands, partnering with local charity organizations, and casting a “deep net rather than a wide one.”

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