Is "For Sale by Owner" a Good Idea?

While there certainly are successful "for sales by owners", typically over 90% of sellers end up listing with a realtor.

The truth is selling a home is a lot more work than most people give credit. If it was just a simple matter of putting a sign in the yard that would be one thing, but now days over 92% of buyers will use the internet to find their next home. That means having a powerful way to is essential showcasing your home online.

Marketing costs for advertising is not cheap and knowing how to use it effectively is important too! Other factors like having to be availabe to show the property whenever a buyer wants to see it, and knowing they are pre-qualified are important too. Or everyone can end up wasiting their time.

Most 1st time buyers work with a realtor. Most buyers from a out-of-state state work with a realtor.  Most buyers in general work with a realtor!  If a buyer isn't working with a agent, chances are they are bargain shopping. 

Full-time realtors are dedicated to their profession and continuously practicing the expertise of their craft. They are training in the latest methods of selling homes and learning new tools, apps, and other way to reach buyers. 

If you think about it, the extra time, money, and frustration that goes into selling your home often doesn't add up to "savings". So it's always a great idea to consult a realtor about your options. Advise is free and our team is ready to help!