100 Shares Tampa Bay, with Joann Ravenna

Our agents and teams show great compassion for national and local charities of all sorts: we're always proud to support their efforts! JoAnn Ravenna has been part of 100 Shares Tampa Bay since 2014, and has watched it grow beautifully over the years.



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Tell me about how long you’ve been with this charity?


Since June 2014


What is this charity about?


100 women, giving $1,000, in order to grant $100,000.  The vision is to bring together like-minded, generous women to support community ministries with their mission in the greater Tampa Bay area.  The result would be the availability each year of a significant contribution of $100,000 or more. This money is awarded in the form of grants to selected nonprofits that proclaim the gospel of Christ and meet the needs of those they serve. It enables the ministries to move forward to a new level of service.



Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? In 10 years?


Our first grant was awarded in October 2015. On April 27, we will be awarding $50,000 to the 2017 grant recipient. In a short period of time we will have awarded $125,000 back into the community.


100 Shares Tampa Bay (100STB) has set a vision of releasing $1.8 million dollars into Hillsborough and Pinellas County communities to help local ministries.That vision would conclude by year end 2027 with a total of 260 partners generously giving to 100STB and having granted $1.8 million dollars to assist local ministries in our community.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a charity?

Growing our partner membership and getting the word out to local ministries that we have grant money to give away. We have spent the last few years working hard on growing a solid foundation, policies and procedures, and vision for the future. We want to make sure that everything we do is guided by God and it is wonderful to watch what He is doing through our ministry.


Who are you trying to reach?


Women that have a spirit of generosity. We each are able to give the same amount each year but by combining our efforts we are able to make a huge impact on local ministries. We need to let organizations know that we are here to help. Although there is grant money available on a local, state and federal level to many organizations, when you mention God or Jesus Christ, most doors are closed. We want to open those doors.



What are you most proud of with this charity?


Watching God grow 100 Shares. When I was introduced to and joined 100 Shares, we had 7 partners and $7,500 of grant money. Today we have 46 partners and in less than 3 years, 100 Shares will have given away $125,0000. God’s economy is so much better than ours. Plus, 100% of the yearly $1,000 pledge goes towards the grant. We have a generous benefactor that has donated monies for administration costs.



Thank you Joann for your contribution to this charity!